Introducing You to a Hashtag You Should Know: #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Today’s diverse voice comes to us via Elizabeth Stephens, author of the novel Population. Though writing has been her unrelenting passion since the age of 10, Population is Elizabeth’s first published novel. She has a repertoire of short horror publications under her belt and has worked as a political correspondent and travel writer across the US, […]

Flash Fiction Contest Round 8

Thank you to everyone who participated in round 7 of the WU Flash Fiction Contest. I loved so many of your stories. Rainbows clearly bring out the best ideas. It was a pleasure reading through them all, and a seriously difficult task judging them. We’ll get to the winner in a moment. But, first, the August contest […]

The Heartfelt, Unpublishable, Captivating, Shallow, Sound, Abandoned, Reclaimed, Worthless, Most Excellent Potential Novel

Eight years ago I sat down to write a novel, because my knees are lousy, so I couldn’t do it standing. The book’s setting is San Francisco, and its inciting incident is the earthquake of 1989, which flings together—in often unseemly ways—three characters who otherwise would have remained on the periphery of each others’ lives. […]