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How to Plan Your Own Book Tour

Warning: Hacks for Hacks tips may have harmful side effects on your writing career, and should not be used by minors, adults, writers, poets, scribes, scriveners, journalists, or anybody. They say book tours don’t sell books. In fact, they can actually cost authors a lot of money. So why bother? Well, you’re making connections with […]

Sponsorship At Writers’ Conferences: A Question of Awareness

‘People Are Trying To Make Money From You’ At The Bookseller this week, author Isabel Losada is blogging for us about her experiences as a writer here at London Book Fair. Not surprisingly, much of her focus is on the Author HQ program(me) with which London has led the way in attracting and welcoming authors […]

Flog a Pro: would you turn this bestselling author’s first page?

Trained by reading hundreds of submissions, editors and agents often make their read/not-read decision on the first page. In a customarily formatted book manuscript with chapters starting about 1/3 of the way down the page (double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point type), there are 16 or 17 lines on the first page. The challenge: does this narrative […]

What Kids Have Taught Me About Writing

As a writer, it can be remarkably helpful to spend time around kids. When I’m not doing my own writing I work with kids ages 8-18 on everything from short stories to college essays, and at least once a week something happens that takes my breath away. Young kids—eight to eleven-year-olds— who love to write, […]

No Time to Write? Maximize Your Minutes (Multitasking Series, part 3)

If you multitask because you feel you have to in order to stay on top of things; if you’re overwhelmed with too much information and an inability to sort though it all; if you’re losing momentum on your writing projects because there is just too much on your plate… This post is for you. It […]

The Joy of Telling Other People’s Stories

How’s this for a story: For the past 18 months, Christine Connelly’s ex has forbidden her to see their young daughter.  Not because Christine has harmed her daughter, violated any agreements or broken the law, but because she recently completed her transition from male to female.  Christine is transgender. Since she began her transition 5 years […]

Are You Ignoring Your Best Ideas?

Please welcome Allison Tait, a multi-genre writer who has more than twenty years of experience in magazines, newspapers, and online publishing. The Mapmaker Chronicles is her first series for children, and it is winning her a legion of fans. Book one was Race To the End of the World. Book two, Prisoner of The Black Hawk, hit […]

So Long, Farewell…Good-bye

You type “The End.” Then what? If you’re like me, first you cry. (I always do.) One part of you is happy. I mean you’ve worked a long time on the manuscript. Maybe you’re on deadline. Maybe you have a publisher or agent waiting. Maybe it’s the first novel you’ve written, and it feels really good—really […]

Writing From A Place of Fear

A couple of months ago I received an email from another writer who was looking for advice. Her first book had been almost-published—that half-tortuous state where editorial wants to publish your book but sales/marketing says no. So she knew she had it in her to get a book to market, she just didn’t know what […]

Living Well

Part I The other day, as I walked to my neighborhood bookstore, the sky was thunderstorming and the wind was whipping cherry blossoms to their untimely death. I was there to buy my husband a birthday gift: a pie cookbook and a book on urban gardening, and on purpose, I marched right past the New Fiction table […]