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Four Surprising Benefits to Letting Your Characters Take the Reins

Please welcome today’s guest, Andrea Lochen, author of two novels: her first, The Repeat Year (Penguin 2013), was praised by Kirkus Reviews as “an engaging, satisfying read that explores friendship, love and who we really are when it truly matters.”  A draft of The Repeat Year won the 2008 Hopwood Novel Award. Andrea’s second novel, Imaginary Things, […]

Becoming a Better Writer in 2015, part 2

In December, I wrote about setting goals for being a better writer in 2015. As it is now March and we’ve had three months, it seemed a good time to check in. How are you doing? (If you want to check what you wrote, go to the comments here.) Leaving out my usual quantitative goals, […]

Making the Jump: From Reigning Queens to the Queen of Fashion

We’re so excited to have C. W. Gortner with us today. He’s  the international best-selling author of seven historical novels based on the lives of maligned women in history, as well as The Elizabeth I Spymaster Trilogy. A former fashion executive, he has an MFA in Writing with an emphasis on History from the New […]

Share Your Earliest Literary Efforts

I’ve become quite nostalgic in recent years. But my interest in the past extends far beyond my own. I’m also fascinated by the pasts of other people – for example, I really enjoy seeing all those “Throwback Thursday” photos on Facebook each week. And in particular, I am deeply intrigued by glimpses into the mysterious pasts […]

Writing and Publishing that Second Book

Today’s guest is Michele Young-Stone whose life’s dream was to write and publish a novel. A former English teacher, she achieved her dream and surpassed it with the release (this month) of her second novel Above Us Only Sky. Her first novel, The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors, was published in 2010 and was a Target […]

Your One Wild and Precious Life

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” That quote from Mary Oliver has been ringing in my head this past week, ever since I got an e-mail from a writer friend– a very, very talented writer friend, who nevertheless is not writing. She’s in a dry […]

How Does Your Novel Grow? The Writing/Gardening Connection

Perhaps this essay is only my desperate attempt to connect to spring in spite of the seven inches of additional snow currently falling on my yard and life. I should be glad to have a reason to stay inside and stick to my writing schedule, before gardening season distracts me. But I am itchy to […]

The Sundance Kid

Last month I went to the Sundance Film Festival for the first time ever because, against all odds, I had a film premiering there. The film is a documentary called Misery Loves Comedy, and it basically asks the question, “Do you have to be effed up to do stand-up, or does doing stand-up eff you […]

Surviving a Drought

I was sitting in D.C.’s Lincoln Theater about three months ago, listening to The Milk Carton Kids and Sarah Jarosz, talented folk musicians who sing some of the most gorgeous harmonies I’ve ever heard. The theater itself is a visual concert—a beautiful 1920’s-era building, with gold ceilings and crystal chandeliers and lovely arched moldings and […]

Writing… Will You Be My Valentine?

For this day of love, I invited other Writer Unboxed contributors to join me in writing words of love about writing: a sentiment that could fit inside a greeting card, on a school valentine, or even on a candy heart. The instructions were simple: “Write a love note to writing. It can be sweet, bitter, funny, serious, […]