Creativity, Brain Waves, and Having More Fun

Today’s guest is Rachel Funk Heller who began her career as a journalist and worked as an independent television writer/producer for twenty-five years. She is a former CNN producer who worked in both the Atlanta headquarters and in the Washington DC bureau. She is the author of The Writer’s Coloring Book®. Writing great fiction is […]

Plane Crashes and Writing: Six Sources of Common Ground

I Though I wouldn’t change a thing, according to the standards espoused by shows like Say Yes to the Dress, the ToolMaster and I had a wedding of comparative deprivation. I wore an off-shoulder summer dress purchased in a regular women’s clothing store. I’d sewn my sister’s bridesmaid dress, which was similarly styled. Both my husband […]

Is It a Woman’s World? One Man’s Take on Writing Emotional Content in a Predominantly Female Genre

One of the first people to respond on the WU Facebook page when we asked for pitches a few months back was nonfiction writer and romance novelist Hugh O. Smith, who wrote, “I’d pitch a post on male writers writing about love.”  When we decided to move ahead with a diversity theme, we thought we […]

Writing Rules

Ever since I read W. Somerset Maugham’s quote about his three rules for writing a novel, I’ve been thinking about it. Here’s what Maugham said: There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” It’s kind of joke, I know. But it’s also serious. Maugham wrote twenty novels and […]