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Agonizing Over Antagonists

Like most writers, I keep a backlog of story ideas that I revisit from time to time, trying to decide what to write next. To help me with my choices, I analyze each idea, testing whether it has what I consider the essential components of a compelling book-length idea: a clear protagonist, strong primary conflict, […]

Dream Come True: Bringing a Great Classic Back to Life

The changes in the publishing industry in recent times can seem really daunting and, like most writers, there are times when I’ve thought dark thoughts about just what the future might hold. But if there are many challenges in the new landscape of publishing, there are also great new opportunities. The rise of self-publishing is […]

Checking In With a Dual Social Media Identity

Five months ago, I set out my rules for Social Media the Second Time Around — what I did, and planned to do, differently as I built a social media identity from scratch for my pseudonym. Five months in, how’s it going? Both better and worse than expected. If I count it up, I’ve done […]

Take Five: Sarah McCoy and The Mapmaker’s Children

We’re so happy to have frequent contributor Sarah McCoy here today. She’s the author of three novels, and has been featured in Real Simple, The Millions, Your Health Monthly, Huffington Post and other publications. She’s here to talk about her latest novel, The Mapmaker’s Children. Q: What’s the premise of your new book? The Mapmaker’s Children is the story of two dynamic women, […]

Take Five: Erika Robuck and The House of Hawthorne

Longtime WU contributor Erika Robuck just released her latest novel, The House of Hawthorne. We’re so happy she’s here today to tell us about it! Q: What’s the premise of your new book?  In THE HOUSE OF HAWTHORNE, artist Sophia Peabody must find the cure for what ails her body and spirit, and her eventual husband Nathaniel […]

Take Five: David Corbett and The Mercy of the Night

WU contributor David Corbett just released his latest novel The Mercy of the Night. We’re so pleased he’s with us today to tell us more about it! Q: What’s the premise of your new book? There is no freedom without trust. And the truth does not lie with God or in Platonic ideals or in a library. […]

Take Five with Catherine McKenzie: Hidden

Hidden, a bestselling novel penned by our own Catherine McKenzie, releases in paperback in just two days, on April 7th. We’re so glad she’s with us today to tell us a bit about the book. Q: What’s the premise of Hidden? A: When a married man dies suddenly, two women are devastated at the news […]

Becoming a Better Writer in 2015, part 2

In December, I wrote about setting goals for being a better writer in 2015. As it is now March and we’ve had three months, it seemed a good time to check in. How are you doing? (If you want to check what you wrote, go to the comments here.) Leaving out my usual quantitative goals, […]

Literary gender shape shifting

The idea that you can only write from the viewpoint of your own age group, background, sex, species, or even experiences, seemed absurd and restrictive to me even as a kid. What room was there for imagination in that? Ignoring this whole notion, I shape-shifted with gusto, writing stories from a multitude of viewpoints, from […]

Navy Commander Rick Campbell Makes Waves by Penning Military Thrillers

Unboxeders, I hope you’ll join me today in welcoming retired Navy Commander Rick Campbell to Writer Unboxed for a brief interview about his writing. For more than twenty-five years, as we slept on pillow-topped queen-sized mattresses, he claimed a rack aboard one of four nuclear submarines, working to keep us safe. On his last submarine, […]