WU’s Diverse Voices Series: Import Foreign Cultures Into Your Fiction

Today’s guest is Gabriel Valjan, author of the Roma Series from Winter Goose Publishing; (Turning To Stone, Book 4 of the Roma Series, was released just last month). Gabriel says that in his travels, he came to appreciate and enjoy Italy’s diversity, and the Roma Series presents an authentic representation of contemporary Italy. He writes: Writers transmit perceptions, […]

One Second of Detail

  One of the great struggles of all writing is to create fresh, vibrant images and metaphors, to avoid the sin of telling and show the reader whatever it is we want them to see. I struggle with it as much as anyone, especially because I’ve been writing novels for a couple of decades now, […]

Bring Out Your Story Scalpels

During the 2014 Writer Unboxed Unconference, Donald Maass riveted his workshop participants by describing one scene contained within a breakout novel. In it, a family physician—a man who swore the Hippocratic Oath and spent his life tending to the citizens of his small town—is brought the corpse of a probable murder victim. His response? Rather […]