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How to Use Whimsy as a Tool

So I was in London, riding on the Underground, when my curiosity required that I pick up a free newspaper on offer. In it I found the ad you see to the left. And it just cracked me up. They make writing sound so easy! All you have to do is start any time, have […]

Creating Strong Female Protagonists

I’ve been happily immersed in the new seasons of Outlander and Game of Thrones, as I’m sure many of you are. I also recently binge-watched every available episode of The Fall, a wildly popular BBC thriller. The trio of shows have many things in common, but as I’ve been pulling together a talk about female […]

Feeding Your Readers Information: A Look at a Master

    As so often happens, the comments on last month’s piece (What Do Your Readers Know and When Do They Know It) showed that there was a lot more to the topic than I could cover in a single column.  So I thought it would help to look in some detail at how a master […]

What Kids Have Taught Me About Writing

As a writer, it can be remarkably helpful to spend time around kids. When I’m not doing my own writing I work with kids ages 8-18 on everything from short stories to college essays, and at least once a week something happens that takes my breath away. Young kids—eight to eleven-year-olds— who love to write, […]

Are You Ignoring Your Best Ideas?

Please welcome Allison Tait, a multi-genre writer who has more than twenty years of experience in magazines, newspapers, and online publishing. The Mapmaker Chronicles is her first series for children, and it is winning her a legion of fans. Book one was Race To the End of the World. Book two, Prisoner of The Black Hawk, hit […]

Take Five: David Corbett and The Mercy of the Night

WU contributor David Corbett just released his latest novel The Mercy of the Night. We’re so pleased he’s with us today to tell us more about it! Q: What’s the premise of your new book? There is no freedom without trust. And the truth does not lie with God or in Platonic ideals or in a library. […]

So Long, Farewell…Good-bye

You type “The End.” Then what? If you’re like me, first you cry. (I always do.) One part of you is happy. I mean you’ve worked a long time on the manuscript. Maybe you’re on deadline. Maybe you have a publisher or agent waiting. Maybe it’s the first novel you’ve written, and it feels really good—really […]

Fallacy: The Primer for Surprise

Today’s return guest is aspiring novelist Lancelot Schaubert. Lance has published in markets like McSweeney’s, The 2016 Poet’s Market, Poker Pro, Encounter, and many others. He is currently shopping out his first novel and lives in Brooklyn with his attack spaniel and “the grooviest bride in the world.” We like the way he thinks about story, and […]

The Dangers of a Good Book

Last week, I read a fantastic book. Good news, right? As writers we are all readers first, and there’s an unmatched joy in disappearing into a well-written book, or we wouldn’t be reading in the first place. However, sometimes, reading a fantastic book pushes me into a downward spiral. I’ll never write that well, I […]

Take Five with Catherine McKenzie: Hidden

Hidden, a bestselling novel penned by our own Catherine McKenzie, releases in paperback in just two days, on April 7th. We’re so glad she’s with us today to tell us a bit about the book. Q: What’s the premise of Hidden? A: When a married man dies suddenly, two women are devastated at the news […]