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Yuvi Zalkow writes and worries in Portland, Oregon. His stories have been published in Glimmer Train, Narrative Magazine, Carve Magazine, and others. His first neurotic novel is now available. He is working on a second novel (about one Jew obsessed with napkins and another Jew in the Klan). He recently received an MFA from Antioch University, which makes him feel official.

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  • How Much Wandering Before I’m No Longer Lost?

    We’re thrilled that we’ve managed to successfully twist the arm of an former WU’er, bringing him back for a guest post, because he is a favorite of ours! Please welcome Yuvi Zalkow, who’s here to tell us about a new project–and a few significant revelations. Enjoy! I’m very excited to be visiting Writer Unboxed again […]

    Weaseling Out of Literary Things… To Do Literary Things

    I was supposed to return to my monthly Writer Unboxed column this month. But I’m not. Well… I’m here at the moment, but I’m only here to say that I’m not going to be here. Make sense? But I have an excuse! I love this community and it has been so fabulous to be a […]

    A Brilliant Book Tour in the Works

    Damn. This has been a tough month. A tough month with very little writing. A month of reading at bookstores around the west coast and doing interviews and doing a not-so-great job at publicizing the release of my novel (A BRILLIANT NOVEL IN THE WORKS). It is amazing how consuming even doing a bad job […]

    Notes from the (Failure) Field

    This month I have a short video with a bit of an update on two fronts related to what’s been going on with me (along with, of course, the emotional baggage that goes along with any of my stories). For one, I want to share about how I experimented with using video at a few […]

    Project Mismanagement

    So when I showed a good friend of mine an early version of this video, he said, “you are out of your mind.” Actually, he had a more colorful way to say it. Basically, the original video made it sound like I was done making videos: so long, suckers! First of all, it would be […]

    Beyond Microsoft Word… Or Not

    I started out this video with the intent of trying to get writers to stop using Microsoft Word and ended up paying tribute to an overly-sentimental romantic comedy from the 80s. It’s a new level of failure for me. Let me back up. I haven’t used Microsoft Word as my main writing program for years […]

    Networking for the Cowardly and Terrified

    So it should start becoming more and more obvious that I’m going through a writer-identity crisis as things get closer to the release of my book. And lucky you — you get to be a witness to my crisis. In this episode of my crisis, we walk through my attempt at networking even though I’m […]

    10,000 Hours

    So I originally intended this video to be about the way I once organized my whole submission plan for literary magazines. I had this fancy pants spreadsheet characterizing my every submission move. The spreadsheet was color-coded. It had formulas. There were calculations. It was brilliant. Or so I used to think. But a few minutes […]

    Big Projects, Small Lists

    I’m a total coward. When I’m faced with a big project – something time consuming, something that will require sacrifices to be made – my instinct is to run away. Fast. No looking back. For that reason, it took me a long time to come around to the point where I (somewhat) enjoy the challenge […]

    The Tyranny of The New Yorker Magazine

    I won’t lie to you. I’ve been totally swamped doing edits on my book over the past month. It’s a tale I’ll eventually tell in one of my videos, of course, but I’m too much in the midst of it right now. Like the old saying goes: Insane Novel Editing + Time = Funny. But […]

    Non-Crappy Writing Groups

    You should be scared to hear this, but I’ve begun dabbling in the world of stop-motion animation. Even worse: low-quality, half-assed, on-my-iPhone stop-motion animation. What does this mean? This means that I wait for my toddler to take a nap and then I frantically begin playing with his stuffed animals in peculiar positions. But wait. […]

    Fresh Ways To Look At Your Crappy Writing

    I’m going to take a month off in December from this site. I need to prepare a few things (maybe even a presentation) for my upcoming novel. I’ll be back in January, but still I’m nervous about leaving y’all. So in order to cope with this fear, I’ve decided to get my wife to film […]