About Vaughn Roycroft

In the sixth grade, Vaughn’s teacher gave him a copy of The Hobbit, sparking a lifelong passion for reading and history. After college, life intervened, and Vaughn spent twenty years building a successful business. During those years, he and his wife built a getaway cottage near their favorite shoreline, in a fashion that would make the elves of Rivendell proud. After many milestone achievements, and with the mantra ‘life’s too short,’ they left their hectic lives in the business world, moved to their little cottage, and Vaughn finally returned to writing. Now he spends his days polishing his epic fantasy trilogy.

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  • Confessions of a Beachcombing Writer

    I suppose my first confession resides right there in the title of this essay: I’m a beachcomber. No, I’m not one of those old guys you see at public beaches with a metal detector, a leathery tan, and high-waist trunks, searching for coins and lost jewelry. And even though I do my beachcombing most days […]

    Flipping Perspectives: Turning Troubles into Blessings

    Do you ever get the post-project blues? I’m only now starting to see the pattern. It begins with the euphoric rush of typing the words “The End.” I float for several days, elated by a sort of nostalgia born of what felt so right about the finished project. The high often opens the idea spigot, […]

    Seeking Immersion Conversion

    “As a reader you recognize that feeling when you’re lost in a book, right? You know the one – when whatever’s going on around you seems less real than what you’re reading and all you want to do is keep going deeper into the story… Well, if you’re writing that book it’s real for you […]

    Written to Death

    Cheerful Morbidity: “To suspect your own mortality is to know the beginning of terror; To learn irrefutably that you are mortal is to know the end of terror.” ~Frank Herbert I’m a cheerful man. Honest. Well, generally I am cheerful. I certainly don’t consider myself morbid. I wanted to say these things up front because […]

    A Writerly Pilot Light

    I don’t know why it always surprises me. I’ve been here before. And I was warned before my first time. Those ahead of me on their writerly journeys said it again and again: “The waiting is hell.” And yet I find I have to relearn it. Every time. Waiting. Hell. As fiction writers, at some […]

    Community Revisited—Watching the Ripples Roll

    If you’re new to WU, you may not be aware that today’s poster, Vaughn Roycroft, plays two key roles within Writer Unboxed. He’s the leader of the Mod Squad, which keeps our community on Facebook both congenial and a promo-free zone. He also culls the best craft-related posts written by WU’s readership—that’s you—and shares them […]

    The Mentor/Mentee Benefit

    Vaughn Roycroft, stalwart leader of the WU Facebook group’s “Mod Squad” and longtime community member, takes the wheel today to talk about the importance of mentorship. Please check out Vaughn’s bio at the end of the post. Enjoy! This post started out as a review of a craft book. A few weeks ago I was enthusing on the […]

    Community – What’s In It For Me?

    Therese here. I’m beyond happy to present today’s guest to you. Vaughn Roycroft has become a true pillar of the WU community, though if you’re not a part of the WU Facebook Group (easily remedied by clicking here), you may not know it. Vaughn heads up the moderator team there–an important aspect of the group, […]