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Sarah Callender lives in Seattle with her husband, son and daughter and is currently working on a novel titled BETWEEN THE SUN AND THE ORANGES. Sarah is a terrible house-cleaner, a lover of chocolate and hats, and a self-professed cheapskate who has no trouble spending money on good chocolate and hats.

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  • The Practice of Success

    Because it is summertime and my kids are absolutely omnipresent, I hear myself doing quite a lot of bossing around: Go practice your typing! Go practice your violin! Go practice being a not-sullen preteen! Go practice not stinking up the house with your stinky feet! Meanwhile I am practicing patience, sanity maintenance and juggling work + kids, all […]

    Shall We Dance?

    Seventeen years ago, I got hitched to my husband, a smart, handsome, 6’4″ fellow with a green thumb and a desert-dry wit. In those seventeen years, I can count, on one hand, the number of significant spats he and I have had. I might not even need to use my thumb. But our marriage is no more […]

    Finding Mr. Write

    My high school boyfriend wore eye liner and had self-pierced body piercings. He dealt drugs and somehow managed to acquire a not-for-hunting gun. He was also Sophomore Class President. He loved me as passionately as one sixteen-year-old could love another sixteen-year-old. And after cheating on me (as sixteen-year-old Romeos are wont to do), he carved an “A” into his […]

    The Itchy Reader

    My daughter had a terrible first grade year. From October through June she cried, every morning and night, about going to school. She had stomachaches. She told me she wanted stay in bed and never go to school again. She clung to me in the hallway when I tried to nudge her into the classroom. When the teacher […]

    We Are All So Weird

    I am so weird. In fact, if I wrote a list of all the ways I am weird, you’d be reading until January. And that list would only include the weirdness I recognize. Add to that list the things my husband and children find weird? You’d be reading until 2017. As for you, my friend? You’re weird too. Maybe […]

    What It Really Takes

    The other day, I was doing a quick skim of the September/October Poets and Writers, the subscription I never have time to truly savor because I am too busy (as most of us are) with the more insistent facets of my life: family, part-time teaching job, part-time curriculum writing job, part-time fiction writing job, full-time adventures with my mental […]