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M.J. Rose is the international and NYT's bestselling author of several novels and two non-fiction books on marketing. In 2005 she founded the first marketing company for authors, AuthorBuzz, and is the co-founder of BookTrib and Peroozal. She's a founding member of ITW.

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  • Great Expectations

    In a twist of fate, former contributor MJ Rose sent an email this morning mentioning she had written a from-the-gut post that seemed right for WU. We had no post scheduled for today. The rest is history. Please welcome MJ Rose back to WU for a post on the after-pub blues, which comes on the […]

    Good Enough

    If we allow ourselves to remain at the mercy of our desire for perfection, not only will the perfect elude us, so will the good.” – Alex Lickerman, M.D. in Happiness in this World I’m at a very strange crossroads in my career. On May 7, 2013 my 13th book will be released. SEDUCTION was […]

    Give Yourself A Celebration (Plus: Giveaway!)

    Because of ongoing negotiations between Barnes and Noble and Simon and Schuster, the new trade paperback release of M.J. Rose’s The Book of Lost Fragrances isn’t on display in any Barnes and Noble stores -a loss of visibility that can hurt a book’s sales potential. In the spirit of helping a fellow writer, WU will […]

    What To Do Before Your Book Launch

    Therese here to introduce a book authors have needed for a long time: What To Do Before the Book Launch by authors M.J. Rose and Randy Susan Meyers. I was given a copy of this to preview months back, and was thrilled to provide an endorsement: Dripping with the wisdom authors gain after years of […]

    Social Media Suicide

    People often complain about the narcissism of our moment, how everyone is posting and writing and talking about themselves. I worry about that…. such constant self-regard must surely mangle the soul… sometimes, I feel as if we’ve tipped the scales too far. Way too much skin on display. People are too readily encouraged to hurl […]

    Dear BookBiz Santa

    (Clarification: I’ve collected these requests from more than twenty authors I know – these are not my gripes about my own publishers- M.J. Rose) Dear BookBiz Santa,      Please give us sales numbers we can actually understand. Make royalty statements as clear as possible re: HOW MANY BOOKS we have actually SOLD.     In the same vein, […]

    Buzz, Balls & Hype. The Rules: Part 1

    Therese here to introduce M.J. Rose’s first post with Writer Unboxed as a monthly contributor. M.J.–founder of AuthorBuzz.com–will be bringing us Buzz, Balls & Hype originals about the world of marketing. Enjoy! I think what I get asked the most is does book publicity and marketing really work, how much money should be devoted to […]

    Reaching Out to Bookclubs

    Therese here. Today’s guest is international bestselling author M.J. Rose. The third book in M.J.’s Reincarnationist series, The Hypnotist, was released in paperback in May (and is sitting in wait on my side table right now since I fell under the Reincarnationist’s spell years ago). The Hypnotist–a book that blends “the provocative reality of past lives” with […]