About Meg Rosoff

Meg Rosoff was born in Boston, educated at Harvard and worked in NYC for ten years before moving to England permanently in 1989. She wrote her first novel, How I Live Now, (released late 2013 as a feature film starring Saoirse Ronan), at age 46. Her books have won or been shortlisted for 19 international book prizes, including the Carnegie medal and the Michael J Printz award. Picture Me Gone, her sixth novel, was shortlisted for the 2013 National Book Award . She lives in London with her husband and daughter.

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  • The Point of Writing

    There’s a lot of talk these days about getting yourself a presence on social media, upping your profile, selling yourself, marketing your work, using every angle and every connection in order to “get out there,” hustle your product, hit the bestseller lists, make a splash. This post is just to remind you that none of […]

    Why You Don’t Need to Rush Your Writing

    The truth can be told at last: I am the world’s worst dilettante. In my life I have learned to rock-climb, ski, speak French (all badly). I was deputy press secretary for New York State in Dukakis’ bid for the presidency in 1988, a job I got through volunteering in hopes of meeting a nice […]

    What Sort of Books Do You Write?

    There are precious few satisfying answers to the question above. I have gone to the trouble to list them for you here. “Oh, I dabble in literary fiction, you may have heard my address at the Nobel Prize ceremony?” “Joanne Rowling. Lovely to meet you.” “Mainly plays.  Probably nothing you know.  Ah, you’ve read King […]

    Letter to A Lost Boy

    Dear Jake For the past five years I’ve joked about “my stalker” – the passionate fan who began following me when he was fourteen, telling me that Just In Case changed his life. You, in other words. Your early emails talked about a girlfriend (who never really existed) and were breezy and cheerful, but the […]

    Pram in the Hall

    You know that question everyone always asks writers? The one about what we do all day? In my experience most writers spend their days doing a lot of nothing — interspersed with trying in vain to organize vast teetering piles of books and papers, totally forgetting the thing we swore blind we’d be doing this […]

    Two Ways to Look at It

    THE WRITER’S FRIENDS 1.  The World.  Jump in.  Inspiration lives out there. 2.  Caffeine and sugar.  Coffee.  Tea.  Brownies. Cake. Cookies.  And wine.  For reward and solace. 3.  Pets.  Nothing like the wuffling of a drowsy beast to make you feel less lonely as you work.  Dogs, horses, lizards, birds and rats. Cats are OK […]

    The Only Thing Worse than a Book Tour Is No Book Tour

    It’s been a busy few months. The film of How I Live Now, my first novel, has come out in the UK and the US after ten years in development.  It was directed by Kevin MacDonald (Last King of Scotland) and starred Saoirse Ronan, who’s one of my favorite people in the world, despite her […]

    The View From Book Six

    You’d think it gets easier to write a book after the first two or three have been published, wouldn’t you?  Well, it doesn’t.  Ask any writer — each book throws up a whole new set of problems and headaches and makes you feel as if you’ve never written anything remotely sensible or insightful in your […]

    Finding a Voice

    Therese here. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our newest WU contributor, novelist Meg Rosoff. Meg’s first book, How I Live Now, has won several awards including the Guardian Award, the Michael L. Printz Award, and the Branford Boase Award; and has been made into a film, to be released later this year. Her […]