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Liz Michalski's first novel, Evenfall, was published by Berkley Books (Penguin). Liz has been a reporter, an editor, and a freelance writer. In her previous life, she wrangled with ill-tempered horses and oversized show dogs. These days she's downsized to one husband, two children and a medium-sized mutt.

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  • Unravelling The Ribbons of Your Story

    I’m a slow writer.  I tend to live with a story for a long time before putting it on paper, and I’ll read, reread, and re-re-reread chapters multiple times before moving on to the next section.  The problem is, all that familiarity can lead to … too much familiarity.  It’s hard to edit and revise […]

    That Crazy Friend

    I have this GREAT story I want to tell you about, and … Oh darn. Can you hold on for a second?  Okay, I’m back.  Where were we?  Right.  This GREAT story.  It has this amazing plot and you won’t believe… whoops.  Sorry.  Gotta go again. I’ll be right back. Here I am. Sorry about […]

    What Are You Doing to Improve?

    After eight years off, I recently resumed riding horses.  I’m still relatively proficient — I can walk, trot, canter, pop over small jumps, and perform some simple dressage moves.  I’ll never ride in the Olympics, probably never even compete locally again, so my skill set is fine for my needs. Yet, I’m taking a weekly […]

    Clothing Your Characters

    Therese butting in for a second to announce that Liz Michalski, a frequent guest here at WU and assistant editor of the WU newsletter, Writer Inboxed, will be contributing here on WU the blog more frequently! I’ve always enjoyed Liz’s unique posts, and I think you will as well. Please join me in welcoming her! […]

    A Q&A with Alice Hoffman

    Best-selling author Alice Hoffman published her first novel at the age of twenty-one, and has since written over 30 books, several of which have been turned into movies. Her most recent story, The Dovekeepers, has been called a masterpiece. Set in ancient Israel and based on the siege of the Masada, it took her over […]