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John Vorhaus has written seven novels, including Lucy in the Sky, The California Roll, The Albuquerque Turkey and The Texas Twist, plus the Killer Poker series and (with Annie Duke) Decide to Play Great Poker. His books on writing include The Comic Toolbox, How to Write Good and Creativity Rules!

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  • Surfing the Efficiency Gain

    Ever since last month, when WriterUnboxed introduced the tinyCoffee widget to this website and created the opportunity for readers and writers to get together over a cup of virtual joe (readers’ treat) my head has been spinning – in some senses exploding – with the possibilities that this innovation presents. Not to put too fine a […]

    Something Deeper

    Hey gang, with this column I’m going to try to get underneath writing and into something deeper. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate grist for the WriterUnboxed mill but, “Throw it out the window and see if it lands,” right? Your feedback will tell me if I’m on-topic or off-. -jv Writer’s block, I have […]

    How to Use Whimsy as a Tool

    So I was in London, riding on the Underground, when my curiosity required that I pick up a free newspaper on offer. In it I found the ad you see to the left. And it just cracked me up. They make writing sound so easy! All you have to do is start any time, have […]

    A Trove of Trivial One Liners

    My hard drive is kind of a treasure chest. I have so many half-developed ideas and stillborn stories (and such a bad memory for them) that every time I poke around in there I find something unexpected, surprising, and fun. That most of this has seen no commercial light of day is a natural function […]

    What’s Your Purpose?

    (GIVEAWAY – GIVEAWAY- GIVEAWAY! In honor of the release of POOLE’S PARADISE, my generous benefactors at Bafflegab Books are awarding free e-copies of the novel (specify .pdf or .prc) to the first five people who correctly answer the following question: What do the words FACETIOUSLY and ABSTEMIOUSLY have in common? (Hint: the word MYUOPILEA has […]

    How to Rock a Writers Conference

    For those of you attending the Writer Unboxed Un-Con – especially the newbies among us – it may be useful to give some thought to how to get the most out of your upcoming writers conference experience. For those of you not attending UnCon, it may be useful to store these tips in a cool, […]

    Squeezing out the Stupid

    So I’m a pantser – a seat-of-the-pants writer who makes up the plot as he goes along. I figure if I already know the end of the story, there goes the joy of discovering it and, really, for me, much the point of writing it. Some among you are like me in that respect. Others […]

    Feel Good and Fail Big

    Last time we talked about the writing process from a tyro’s point of view. Let’s continue with that train of thought, and see if we can continue to build a coherent (and at least cautiously optimistic) view of the writer’s life. Writing has been described as a battlefield, and the metaphor may be apt, but […]