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Erika Robuck (@ErikaRobuck) self-published her first novel, RECEIVE ME FALLING. Penguin Random House published her subsequent novels, HEMINGWAY’S GIRL, CALL ME ZELDA, FALLEN BEAUTY, and GRAND CENTRAL, a collaborative short story anthology. Her forthcoming novel THE HOUSE OF HAWTHORNE releases in May of 2015. Erika writes about and reviews historical fiction at her blog, Muse, and is a contributor to fiction blog, Writer Unboxed. She is also a member of the Historical Novel, Hemingway, Millay, and Hawthorne Societies.

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  • Writer Resolutions

    Therese here. Just a quick reminder that our second Writer Unboxed Twitter chat will take place today at 1 p.m. EST on Twitter.com. Anyone can participate; just look for — and use — the ‪#‎WUChat‬ hashtag. Be sure, too, that you’re following host Heather Webb (@msheatherwebb) and the Writer Unboxed Twitter account (@WriterUnboxed). Let’s recap 2014 — […]

    Interview: Ellen Edwards, Executive Editor at Penguin Random House

    I have been with Ellen Edwards at New American Library, a division of Penguin Random House, since I became a traditionally published author. In an age where writers often lament that they do not get edited, I can firmly say that not only do I get edited, but Ellen’s sharp eye, brilliance, and insights have […]

    Negative Reader Reviews: The Antidote

    “What other culture could have produced someone like Hemingway and not seen the joke?” –Gore Vidal  I have to be honest with you; the above quote makes me despise Vidal, but my loyalty to Ernest Hemingway makes my opinion irrelevant and unreliable. In general, I think critics have a place at the table, as long […]

    Seeing with New Eyes

    I had been “warned” by biographers that the Common Journal of the subjects of my new novel was a bit of a bore. Several of them lamented the lack of action, so I was fully prepared to yawn my way through this historical document; it certainly would not be the first time that has happened […]

    Nourishing Fiction

    I think of books as sustenance. Words nourish an inner place the way a meal fortifies the body. There’s room at the table for all kinds of dishes: appetizers, hearty proteins, sides, desserts. All have a function and touch a particular organ the way all kinds of books fill our needs. Today I want to […]

    A Gift for You

    Today is Ernest Hemingway’s birthday. As some of you know, this interests me because I am obsessed with Hemingway, but for most of you, why should you care? You should care because Hemingway knew how to give himself a gift, and I want you, today, right now, while reading this post, to pledge to do […]

    The Perils of (Writer) Promiscuity

    There is a special kind of cruelty in rejection delivered in one’s own handwriting. Way back in the days of old, when all writers knew what SASE meant (self-addressed stamped envelope), when writers submitted to agencies with paper letters and postage, rejection came in the form of a mailing addressed by one’s own hand. I […]

    The Writing Cave

    I dislike small spaces. New York elevators, low-ceilinged basements, and tiny rooms full of people make it hard  for me to breathe. I don’t know exactly when it began. I was never locked in a red room like Jane Eyre, or closed in a closet. When I was nine years old, my cousin hid in […]

    Holding Back

      SCENE DINNER PARTY. NIGHT. A newly invited neighbor introduces herself to the hostess’ sister. NEIGHBOR Hi, I’m Jenny. I grew up in Chicago but my husband and I just moved here when he lost his job. His old boss was having an affair and my husband called him out on it. We think that’s […]

    Finding and Sharing Inspiration

    While standing in Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West several years ago, surrounded by descendants of his cats, peering into his writing cottage, I was moved. As I walked through the tour, I felt the skin on the back of my neck rise and knew, without question, that I wanted to bring readers to that place in his time. […]

    Breakout Novel Intensive Breakdown

    My work in progress is undergoing a major transformation. The beginning has to go. I need to drop a character, add a plot line, give more significance to a subplot, enrich connections between characters, and make sure I infuse tension on every single page. All of this work begins on a draft of a manuscript […]

    Love at First Read

    What is about that first encounter that pulls you in? Is it his penetrating eyes, the way he looks over the side of his shoulder at you, his confidence? Is it how she runs her ring finger along the side of her lipstick, the way she takes dinner to the old man down the hall, […]