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Carleen Brice writes nonfiction and fiction. Her most recent books are the novels Orange Mint and Honey, which was made into a Lifetime television movie called “Sins of the Mother,” and Children of the Waters. She’s currently at work on a novel called Every Good Wish.

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  • What’s on Your “Why” List?

    When I started Weight Watchers, I made a list of all the great advantages to losing weight. I wrote it on the notes function on my phone. I’d pull out my phone and look at the list a lot those first few months. I added to it occasionally as I thought of something new. It […]


    …in the grass, at the desk, on the path, everywhere! Linda Adams left a great comment about writing in little chunks of time on Barbara O’Neal’s post about her rules for writing. I was replying there but my reply grew so long and I have a post due, so I’m moving my reply here. I […]

    Must We Tell All?

    My writing workshop students and I were having a lively discussion recently about the pros and cons of using real life in our work. Half of the class is trying to figure out if they want to tell their stories via memoir or novel. One woman had turned in pages for critique about her relationship […]

    Nailing It

    I’ve been polishing my nails lately. My protagonist in the manuscript I’m just about ready to send to my agent is into manicures. The rest of the women in her family are great beauties and she believes she’s plain. The one feature she takes pride in is her hands. Like her, I get complimented on […]

    Writing Myself Into the Story

    Once upon a time I was a fool for love. Or just a fool. Now I’m writing about a woman who is in a relationship with the wrong man. He’s not a good guy, but my protagonist can’t see that. I’ve been writing around my own experience doing many of the same things she does […]

    Rebuilding My Optimism Muscle

    When I was writing the first draft of my first novel, I had big dreams. For one, I wanted it to be published in hardcover. I had published nonfiction in paperback and felt like I would finally be able to consider myself a “real” writer if I had a hardback. (It was 2001. Such ideas […]

    Sparkle, From Movie to Book

    Typically we hear about books being turned into movies. Occasionally, it happens the other way; a movie gets “novelized.” My friend Denene Millner recently turned the screenplay for the movie “Sparkle” into a book, and I asked her to share with Writer Unboxed what that experience was like. Following is our Q&A: How did the […]

    Q&A With Novelist J.D. Mason

    J.D. Mason is the author of several bestselling novels including, And on the Eighth Day She Rested, This Fire Down in My Soul, You Gotta Sin To Get Saved, and Somebody Pick Up My Pieces. J.D. has been nominated for The Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards in the African American Fiction and Best Contemporary Fiction […]

    How to Tackle Critique Notes

    I recently exchanged my manuscript with a writer friend who also had a novel she wanted me to read. We read and edited on paper (we’re old-school that way), so I now have 300+ pages with notes, plus an “editor’s letter” she gave me summarizing her comments. I also just wrapped a big freelance project […]