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Brunonia Barry studied literature and creative writing at Green Mountain college in Vermont and at the University of New Hampshire, and was one of the founding members of the Portland Stage Company. She's the first American Writer to win the Woman’s International Fiction Festival’s Baccante Award. Her first novel, The Lace Reader, a New York Times and international bestseller, was translated into more than 30 languages. Her second novel, The Map of True Places released in May, 2010.

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  • Happy Halloween! Love, Salem

    Since many of you will be joining us for the WU Un-conference in Salem this next week, and because I’ll be co-teaching a seminar called “Place as Character” with Liz Michalski, I thought I’d share the character chart for Salem that I created for my upcoming novel. Salem, where I’m fortunate enough to live, has […]

    10 Tips about Process

    So recently, when guest speaking at a college creative writing class, I was asked for ten writing tips I’d like to pass along to students. My first impulse was to run screaming from the building, but, when I thought more about it, I realized that the one sure thing I’ve gained in knowledge is an […]

    Why Do You Write?

    I turned in my third novel on April 12th after a six-month extension that required nights, weekends, and workdays that often began at 4AM. To say I was burned out would be putting it mildly. Fried, torched, or incinerated were better words for my condition. This one got me, on every level and to my […]

    When It Absolutely, Positively Isn’t Ready

    Posted on the file cabinet next to my desk is a refrigerator magnet someone bought me with a quote from Douglas Adams that reads: “I love deadlines. I love the wooshing sound they make as they fly by.” I only wish that sentiment was mine. The fact is, I hate deadlines. Though I understand the […]

    Hearing Voices

    The first time I had to speak in public was for the American Association of  University Women’s annual Breakfast with the Authors at theGeorgetown,MAlibrary. I was the warm-up act for André Dubus III, who is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. I, on the other hand, was less than stellar. I’d avoided public […]

    Keeping Lit Alive – The Salem Literature Festival

    In an earlier post, you may have read my lamentation on the closing of Cornerstone, Salem’s local independent bookstore, which shut its doors last January. Though many of us got together to try to save the store, we lost the battle, leaving Salem dependent on neighboring community bookstores for our literary chats and recommendations. They […]

    The First Rewrite

    Last week, I finished the first draft of a novel that is due next April. This week, I began my first rewrite, a process I enjoy far more. I know that for many of you, rewriting is less exciting than writing that first draft. For you, there is nothing more thrilling than creating something from […]

    Adventures in Self-Publishing

    When someone who knows my story asks me if I would recommend self-publishing, I say no, which always surprises them. The Lace Reader’s success story is so often mentioned in self-publishing seminars that it shocks writers to hear that, knowing what I know now, I probably wouldn’t do it again. Don’t get me wrong. I […]

    Staying Out of the Story

    I believe that our stories belong to the characters we create. For that reason, an entire work of fiction can be ruined for me when I hear the voice of the writer on the page. I’m not talking about our classic definition of voice, the one we are trying to discover and develop as writers. […]

    The Mess in the Middle

    One year into a two-year book deadline, I have reached page 165 in my manuscript. So far, my characters have obediently done everything I’ve asked of them, but today something changed. This morning, they couldn’t seem to take a step without tripping over their feet. So they decided to stand still. I couldn’t make them […]

    The Focus Group

    For the last six years, I have been part of a writing group. There are only three of us, and I think the world of them, but I don’t show them my works in progress, not anymore. I share ideas, details I find challenging, thematic issues. I give them copies of my manuscript only after […]