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Emily Colin has been writing as long as she can remember. She still has the black-and-white composition notebook in which, at the age of six, she penned her first short story--Bloddy Monster: The Brave Monster Who Killed the World, complete with illustrations. It sits on the bookshelf alongside her debut novel, The Memory Thief, released in September 2012 by Ballantine Books and chosen as a Target Emerging Authors pick. A Brooklyn, NY native, Emily finished high school in New Zealand and now lives in Wilmington, NC, where she serves as the Associate Director of DREAMS of Wilmington, a nationally award-winning nonprofit dedicated to providing impoverished youth with high-quality, free-of-charge arts programming. In a previous life, Emily worked as Editor-in-Chief of Coastal Carolina Press, a nonprofit publishing company dedicated to telling the stories of North Carolina’s coast; co-founded Carolina Women´s Partnership, a nonprofit through which she published two books featuring women leaders throughout the state of North Carolina; and organized a tattoo and piercing show in Coney Island. Her background includes many years as a classical violinist, as well as writing and editing for regional publications. She holds a BA in Psychology, with a second major in Literature/Media Studies, from Duke University, and an MS in Family Studies and Human Services, with a specialization in Youth Development, from Kansas State University.

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