Affiliate Accounts

Writer Unboxed has affiliate accounts with both Amazon.com and IndieBound.com. That means if you click on a book link and are directed to a choice between those two sites, our affiliate ID is electronically attached. And if you purchase a book via one of those links, we receive a small commission from the store for providing that service in the first place, which goes back into helping to pay expenses here at Writer Unboxed. Regardless of affiliations, you’re charged the same amount for books purchased through those stores, so we hope you’ll see this as a potential win-win situation and purchase books through our links when you can. Thanks for your support!

Books Received for Interviews

Personal relationships between WU contributors and other authors occasionally lead to interviews published on WU. When this happens, readers can assume a copy of the interviewed author’s novel was provided to the interviewer free of charge, in order to conduct a personal and book-specific Q&A experience, often coinciding with an author’s book release.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Writer Unboxed is an equal-opportunity blog. We choose our guest bloggers and contributors based upon merit, and never on the basis of race, ancestry, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, or veteran status.*

Policy on Comments

Comments are sometimes moderated at Writer Unboxed. This doesn’t mean that comments counter to a poster’s perspective are disallowed; on the contrary, we welcome all viewpoints. However if a comment seems to exist only to rib (or barb) a contributor, it will be deleted. We welcome your thoughtful and constructive comments, and hope you’ll become a valued voice within the WU community.

tinyCoffee Plugin

In the spring of 2015, WU introduced a new plugin to the website called tinyCoffee. This allows readers of a post to donate a small amount of money to the author of that post, ranging from $2-$20. None of this money goes to Writer Unboxed; it is exclusively for the author. A small percentage does, however, go to PayPal.

* Adapted from Ollin Morales and Courage to Create