March Roundup: Hot Tweetables at #WU


As March comes to a close, I think those of us in northern climes have found ourselves singing Let it freaking go, Elsa! We’re done with winter! But much writerly goodness happens when it’s cold outside. This month we’ve seen publishers engage directly with consumers, women’s issues become popular topics in novels worldwide, and the rise of crowd-funded bookish projects, including a bar and bookstore. Of course, there’s so much more. Take a look at this month’s top tweets:











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    Getting to this a day late, but just wanted to thank you, Heather. Always a pleasure to wander through your links. And I really appreciate the Twitter Team’s links each day (they come to FB via the Mod Squad profile). And what do you know? Another agent who accepts high fantasy. Wonders never cease. ;-) Have a great weekend!