12 Days Of Writer (Unboxed) Christmas


In case any of you can’t read the tiny text under “4 Lovely ARCS,” the covers are from Therese Walsh’s MOON SISTERS novel, which comes out in March, 2014. If you’ve been enjoying Writer Unboxed, I strongly encourage you to show your support by pre-ordering Therese’s book as well as marking it “Want To Read” on Goodreads. I’ve started reading Therese’s book and LOVE it so far; you can find out more about MOON SISTERS on Therese’s website as well as this Publishers Weekly review.

Other writers who have blogged or sung about the 12 Days Of Christmas (and from whom I have shamelessly stolen some of the ideas in the comic above): Julie Jarnagin: 12 Days Of Christmas For WritersA Writer’s 12 Days Of Christmas by GreatBigJar, The 12 Days Of A Writer’s Christmas by Jodi Milner, 1st Day Of Christmas by Katy Wyton and most recently, The 12 Days Of Christmas (Bookstore Style) by Sarah Brannen, Kristy Dempsey, Mike Jung, Arthur Levine, Emily Mitchell, Kim Norman, Anne Marie Pace, Yolanda Scott, and Deborah Underwood. Happy holidays to all, especially Writer Unboxed co-founders Kathleen Bolton and Therese Walsh!  — Debbie


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Debbie Ridpath Ohi writes and illustrates books for young people. Recent illustration projects for Simon & Schuster Children's include books by Judy Blume and Michael Ian Black. Her blog for children's book writers & illustrators: Inkygirl.com. On Twitter: @inkyelbows


  1. Denise Willson says

    Love it!

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good…. Ah you’ve heard it before. Crack open a really good bottle of wine, put your feet up, and enjoy the mere wonder of life. You deserve it. :)


    Denise Willson
    Author of A Keeper’s Truth