The “Get Read” Conference

If you’re a writer focused on not just getting published or selling a book, but actually ensuring those books get read, we’re here to introduce a conference that promises to do exactly that. Get Read: Marketing Strategies for Writers takes place completely online on November 13th and 14th. We’re thrilled that Dan Blank, master of ceremonies, is here with us today to tell us more about the event.

Q: Let’s say we meet up in an elevator–me, the writer with Discovery issues. Can you share your one-sentence pitch for this conference?

DB: In terms of finding readers, most writers focus on the wrong things; we look past the easy stuff that doesn’t work, to show you practical real strategies to understand who your ideal readers are.

Q: What will “Get Read” offer that other conferences do not?  Will the information truly be fresh? (Truly?)

DB: Most conferences are multi-track, allowing attendees to pick and choose what they FEEL they need. What gets lost here is a truly cohesive framework – that the topics we cover are topics that ALL writers need to pay attention to, not just those that you are comfortable with. The range of presenters is incredibly varied, from librarians, booksellers, authors, marketers, agents, and publishing experts – these are people who are in the trenches in every aspect of publishing.

I work with writers every day, this is the event I KNOW writers need. It is a complete resource from all sides of publishing, focused intently on those who engage with readers every day.

And quite frankly, I made a concerted effect to line up speakers who I know to be the most practical, down-to-earth, no B.S. folks working in publishing. These folks won’t be presented quick fixes that don’t work, they strip bare our assumptions about what works, and what doesn’t. This is a conference with attitude.

Q: Does the fact that the conference is online in any way affect my ability, as a participant, from interacting with presenters? How will this work?

DB: Quite frankly, I think it encourages greater interaction. I have been too A LOT of conferences, and notice that most attendees – at best – ask a single question of a speaker, don’t follow up, and don’t go out of their way to socialize with others at the event. They instead use even a moment of downtime to check email, or Twitter, or otherwise avoid social situations, almost as if it were the first day at a new school.

The live text-based chat during the event will be moderated by our staff, and ensure that people are encouraged to participate, without any awkward social “risk.” I know, we pretend that adults don’t fear this stuff, but most of us do.

Likewise, we are planning pre and post event ways to engage attendees, to get them familiar with and connected to each other and speakers.

Q: What made you realize that “Get Read” was something you wanted to pursue?

DB: Because it has been an obsession of mine for a long time now. I love going to events, and find so much to love at the many writing & publishing events I do get to attend. But nearly every single writer I speak to explains their state of being as this: OVERWHELMED. I dreamt of doing a single-track event with the smartest most down to earth folks I know.

I turned the idea from an in-person event to an online event when I realized how much more accessible it would be to ALL writers. No travel time, no taking 2 days away from home, no huge expense.

We come right to your home, and we promise to wipe our feet before coming in!

Q: What more do I need to know? (How about, where to sign up?)

DB: If you register before September 20th, there is an early-bird discount. You can learn more about the conference and the speakers below, and on our website–that’s where you can register too:

And of course, if you have any questions, just shoot me an email: Thanks!



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