When It Comes to the Writer Inboxed, Don’t Say “Neigh”


You’ve heard about the horse-meat scandal in Europe. How people who purchase meatballs, and meat pies cannot be sure what animal species they’ll be consuming, or if they’re consuming a species at all?

Well the next edition of the Writer Inboxed, WU’s bimonthly newsletter, coming out later this week, bears one striking similarity. Our guest contributors will remain nameless, shrouded in an aura of mystery until the moment of newsletter opening.

Where it differs? We’re betting your surprise will be of the pleasant variety.

Here’s what we can reveal about our guests: 

  • They are both female.
  • They’re both prolific, writing in several genres.
  • They’re both bestsellers.
  • They’ve both had movies made from their fiction — one when her book was sent back for its seventh printing in six weeks.
  • One has been nominated for four RITAs.
  • The other has had her fiction translated into 20 languages and her most recent offering blurbed by Toni Morrison.

As for the remainder of the newsletter, here’s a sampling of its exclusive content, culled by Editor Jan O’Hara and her Assistant Editor, Liz Michalski.

  • 21 Century Tips: short-and-pertinent tips offered by our WU craft-master, Donald Maass
  • Ask Chuck: a Q&A column with Writer’s Digest’s Chuck Sambuchino on all things relating to the business of writing (including his specialty, getting an agent)
  • Ask Victoria: a Q&A column with editor Victoria Mixon, who’s poised to answer all of your tricky craft questions
  • Insider Confidential: pub scoop written by folks in the know who may or may not post as “anonymous”
  • Boundless: digital media insights by our Digital Editor, Erika Liodice
  • Community Roundup: the best of the WU’s readership craft posts, as curated from our Facebook page, via WU’s Facebook Community Editor, Vaughn Roycroft
  • Author and Industry Interviews: timely interviews conducted by WU’s editorial staff, featuring authors and industry experts you want to know more about
  • A Book That Changed My Life: profiling books that impacted successful authors (e.g. Diana Gabaldon, Jon Clinch, Christopher Moore)
  • Reader Unboxed: book reviews by our Reader Unboxed staff

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Editor Jan O'Hara and Assistant Editor Liz Michalski work together to keep you informed of noteworthy events and updates related to the WU newsletter, Writer Inboxed. You can sign up for our newsletter here. We will never share your email address, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


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    Hear, hear! Jan and Liz and their team do a fabulous job with the newsletter, y’all! If you haven’t signed up, take your opportunity now so you don’t miss out. And a big thank you to the newsletter folks for all your hard work, too—I look forward to getting mine every month. :)

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    Good morning. I’m excited for Writer Inboxed, but I’m unable to submit my email address in the sign-up form above. Will there be a link added to the sidebar, perhaps? I’ve refreshed the page multiple times; not sure what the snag is. Thanks much.

  3. says

    Yes, Ellen, thanks for the heads up!

    And Therese, I’m on sluggardly west-coast hours. Just saw this and came to fix. Thanks for being on it.