Comic: Writers’ Resolutions



I do admit that I waver between making New Year’s Resolutions and not making them, depending on the year and how I’m feeling. I LOVE Juliet Marillier’s Nine Good Gifts For The New Year (posted earlier in the week) so felt compelled to add one of her Gifts to my comic today.


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Debbie Ridpath Ohi writes and illustrates books for young people. Recent illustration projects for Simon & Schuster Children's include books by Judy Blume and Michael Ian Black. Her blog for children's book writers & illustrators: On Twitter: @inkyelbows


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    This is fantastic, Debbie! I especially love the “overly optimistic,” which is a trap I often fall into. I’ve been playing catch-up all week, but am going to do back and read Juliet’s post now.

    Happy new year, everyone!

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    You’ve been looking over my shoulder again, Debbie. There have to be other unrealistic, well meaning, overly optimistic, and repentant writers you can lurk behind. Besides, it’s the dash, not the apostrophe thats tripping me up. See?

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    You always put things into such perspective, Debbie. I love your cartoons: they make me smile and they motivate me! I, too, found so many good things in Juliet’s post!

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    I can’t decide which is my fav? Check check check except I don’t resolve to stop misusing Apostrophes, I mean apostraphe’s because I’m apostrophe’s best friend and she might also tell use her father’s ie Zeus’ uh Zeus’s ah never mind, some lightning bolt and curse me. Or is it lightening?