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Therese here. This is Donald Maass’s usual posting day, but because he is still contending with the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy, he asked to use this time for recovery and catch-up at home and work. (I told him we’d forgive him, and sent our collective best!)

Before I introduce today’s spin, I thought I’d point to a few posts you may have missed during the height of Sandy preparations:

So because this is essentially a free day here at WU, I’d like to do something we’ve only done once before in our nearly seven online years: turn the floor over to you by asking you a few questions. Are you game? Here goes:


  1. What do you write and how long have you been working on your current project?
  2. What keeps you going on a bad writing day? OR How do you combat or prevent writer’s block?
  3. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received or read about the writing life?
  4. Do you have a blog or website? [link share] What sets it apart from other sites? What is your angle?
  5. Twitter and Facebook: are you there? [ID share] How do you use each of these sites? (Me, I am much more professional on Twitter, much more personal on Facebook.)
  6. What do you wish you better understood about any aspect of the craft or business of writing? OR What do you wish you’d see more of here on WU?

As I tell my interviewees, please pick and choose what you’d like to answer and leave the rest. You can answer by numbers in comments. Looking forward to reading through what you all have been up to! Write on.



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