Take Five: Juliet Marillier and Flame of Sevenwaters (Plus: Giveaway!)

Penguin US edition, releases 11/6

Therese here. It is my privilege to tell you about WU contributor Juliet Marillier‘s latest book release–another in her mega-popular Sevenwaters series–called Flame of Sevenwaters. If you’ve never read one of Juliet’s books, please do yourself a favor and pick up one or half a dozen of them ASAP. Juliet is a beautiful wordsmith and master world-builder, with characters you come to understand intimately and plots you’ll care about.

I’m also glad to announce that Juliet will be giving one signed copy of Flame of Sevenwaters to one WU commenter–no mailing restrictions. Winner will be chosen in one week via a random number generator, and contacted via email for shipping address. Enjoy!

Q: What’s the premise of your new book?

Juliet: This is the sixth and (for now, at least) last book in the Sevenwaters series. Like the other books in the series, it’s built around the delicate relationship between the fey and human inhabitants of the Sevenwaters forest, which at this point has turned quite dark and perilous. Flame also has its own theme: how past trauma can cast a very long shadow over not only the victim but all those involved, and how families struggle to deal with this. It’s the first novel I’ve written in which the narrator / protagonist has a significant disability, and through her the reader discovers to what extent this affects her life choices. It’s also about sacrifice and healing (sounds grandiose, I know, but this novel does wind up a pretty substantial saga.)

Q: What would you like people to know about the story itself?

Juliet: The novel is narrated by Maeve, whom we met in Child of the Prophecy. Maeve suffered terrible burns at the age of ten, and was sent away to live with her aunt, an expert healer, in Britain. In Flame of Sevenwaters, she returns to Ireland after ten years away, when asked to accompany a highly-strung horse on the sea voyage. Maeve’s special talent is being able to soothe and control difficult animals. When she reaches Sevenwaters, Maeve’s confidence that she has set the past behind her is severely shaken. There is escalating tension between her father, Lord Sean, and the fey prince Mac Dara, whose son has renounced his fey heritage and married into the Sevenwaters family. Mac Dara is committing acts of violence and mischief in order to pressure his son into returning to the Otherworld as his successor. A group of men, including a neighboring chieftain’s sons, has vanished while riding on Sevenwaters land. As the bodies of these men are found, one by one, murdered in bizarre ways, and the offended chieftain marches in with his personal army, Maeve and her young brother Finbar are drawn into a perilous mission to set things right once and for all. Their quest will set them in mortal danger.

Q: What do your characters have to overcome in this story? What challenge do you set before them?

Juliet: Maeve has to become an action hero despite her physical disability. As a result of the childhood fire, she has permanently clawed fingers, which limit her ability to perform many tasks, from feeding herself to riding a horse. She has worked extremely hard at coming to terms with this, has invented new ways of doing things, and has learned not to see herself as a victim – indeed, she’s a forthright, rather outspoken person thanks to being fostered by the remarkable Liadan and Bran. Her skill with animals has earned her wide respect – in this story she rehabilitates a pair of feral dogs, as well as working with the difficult yearling, Swift. But when she finds herself out in the forest, alone and far from home, Maeve faces a much higher degree of challenge. Her brother Finbar, seven at the start of this novel, has his own challenges. Wise beyond his years and possessed of visionary ability, he is at the same time just a little boy, and Maeve’s first instinct is to keep him safe. But Finbar has other ideas. If Maeve follows her brother’s plan, they may win peace for Sevenwaters. But at what cost?

Q: What unique challenges did this book pose for you, if any?

Australian edition, releases 12/1

Juliet: I had to think very hard about what her disability would mean for Maeve. Having stretched credibility quite a bit by allowing her to survive her burns in a period when there were no antibiotics and probably only rudimentary hygiene, I then had to work out what she would and wouldn’t be able to do. I looked at every aspect of her daily existence, both when she’s in a house with her maid to help her, to the lengthy passage when she’s crossing country alone. It’s hard to forage when you have limited hand movement. It’s hard to do basic things like pulling up your stockings, getting shoes on and off, relieving yourself tidily, when you can’t bend your fingers. The more I considered Maeve’s life the more admiration I had for people with disabilities and the ways they cope. At the time when the book is set, a high-born woman like Maeve would have been pretty much unmarriageable with a condition of this kind, since it would prevent her from doing spinning, weaving, sewing, cooking and most other domestic tasks women were expected to be competent at. In addition Maeve has facial scarring, which would further reduce her value in the marriage market. Her exceptional ability with animals and her fine character would, for most suitors of the time, be insufficient to outweigh this, though the fact that she’s a chieftain’s daughter would weigh on her side. I hope readers will be pleased with the way I ended her story, which I believe takes this historical reality into consideration while allowing her to be her uncompromising self!

In addition to Maeve’s personal story, Flame of Sevenwaters contains the conclusion of the ongoing story about Mac Dara, the devious Otherworld prince, and his quest to see his son Cathal succeed him as leader of the fey inhabitants of Sevenwaters. This thread involves a longstanding Sevenwaters character, the druid Ciaran, and a mission to find the key to Mac Dara’s downfall. While Maeve’s story is told in first person, the novel also includes a sequence of scenes called Druid’s Journey, in detached third person, which I wrote in the mode of a traditional tale. Interweaving those two elements and having them join at the climactic point was one of the writing challenges of the novel.

Q: What has been the most rewarding aspect of having written this book?

Juliet: I built in a lot of things I care about, including animal rescue! I had avoided making Maeve the protagonist of a novel before, because I thought her significant disability, along with the time and culture she lived in, would make it too hard to craft a story line that would be satisfying for a contemporary reader. Then I decided I had to tackle the challenge. I was really pleased with the way the book turned out and delighted to be able to give a favorite character, Ciaran, a place at center stage as well. Ciaran has been in all six books of the series and has never been given the POV, so it’s been an interesting exercise building his character via others’ perceptions along with his actions and speech.

Also, it feels good to reach an ending point with this long-running series. I haven’t quite said I won’t ever write another Sevenwaters book, because such statements are perilous – what if that was the only thing my publisher would take? But I’m looking forward to embarking on a brand new adult fantasy series.

Readers, you can learn more about Juliet and her latest release on her website, and by following her fan page on Facebook.

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  1. Samantha Seals says

    I cannot wait to read Flame of Sevenwaters! I’m counting down the hours! I have been following this series for over a decade and am excited to see how the series wraps up; though I’ll be sad to see it end! Thank you, Juliet!

  2. Ana L. M. says

    I love Juliet Marillier, have been reading her books for years. This one sounds very interesting, can’t wait to read it, along with any other wonderful books she decides to write!!!

  3. Daniel Caridade says

    I’ve been in love for years and years with the Sevenwaters universe, and I was itching to get my hands on a new instance of the story. Thank you so much Juliet for making our lives so rich, and thank you Writer Unboxed girls for allowing us to crawl a little bit under the new book’s skin! Can’t wait to read it :D
    Also, lovely and beautiful covers!

  4. Kait says

    Am wholeheartedly looking forward to reading the final Sevenwaters book. Since I first read Daughter of the Forest when I was 17, these novels have been close to my heart.

  5. Lucinde says

    Oh, that’s exciting news! I’m curious how you will wrap up this last series. It must be strange, though, saying goodbye to characters that have accompanied you for so long? It’s well over ten years ago that Daughter of the Forest was published, if I remember correctly. Wrapping up the series, knowing that it’s probably the last book you write about the Sevenwaters family, must feel a bit like saying goodbye to longtime friends?

      • Robin says

        I’m a brand new fan. I started reading your books about a month ago and have finished all I can find, locally, including Flame. If you intend to stop here, I agree it’s a satisfying enough place to finish. However, I have to admit I’d enjoy more from this series, including what happens to the youngest family member after these events (trying not to spoil things for anyone).

        Thank you for your work. Once in a while I find an author who writes so well that I can say to myself that it’s a good thing I didn’t enter this profession – she does it far better than I ever would have. You’re one of those.

  6. sue knight says

    Well done Juliet, you are an amazing busy bee. I have enjoyed every single one of your books and cant wait to get my hands on this one.
    Thanks for the words.

  7. andrea nicholls says

    I open the page of one of Juliet Marilliars books and im transported straight away to another world. Descriptive and magical world. I never want the book to end. Keep writing :-)

  8. Anna Campbell says

    great interview, great author… and I bet Flame is every bit as good as the rest of Juliet Marilliers books. I can’t wait to read it!

  9. says

    Another installment from a wonderous fantasy writer! I’ve been re-reading the Sevenwaters series again in preparation for Flame. Waiting in anticipation…

  10. Helen says

    I’m so glad you’ve told Maeve’s story. It always seemed a great pity to me that she would end up forgotten when the rest of her family had all had their stories told.

  11. Margaret says

    Thank you Juliet for giving another wonderful book to your fans (and to-be fans!). It’s been 10 years since I picked up Daughter of the Forest and I can still remember how enchanted I was right from the first chapter. I had to read every book of yours since then. I can’t wait to begin this one!

  12. Victoria-Anne Finch says

    Very excited about this story, even reading Juliet’s description of the story had me captivated! Looking forward to entering another part of the Sevenwaters world once more. The cover for the Australian edition looks beautiful, and will fit in nicely with the others of this series I already have!

  13. Rebecca Simon says

    I’m very much looking forward to this book. Your books are always the most beautifully written books I’ve ever read.

  14. Elisabeth says

    I cannot wait to read the story of Maeve. I cannot help hoping that this will not be the last Sevenwaters novel as I have grown to love reading about the world so much. Having said that I am so glad that you decided to write more Sevenwater stories after child of the prophecy. It will be interesting to follow Maeve as she’s the only main character who has already started her challenges before the story starts.

  15. Elizabeth C. says

    I can’t wait to read this last book of the Sevenwaters series (my heart breaks just to think it’s the last one!), I’m sure it’s going to be amazing, like every books Juliet wrote :)

  16. Michelle says

    I’m so excited for this! I’ve loved the Sevenwater’s book since the first instalment. I treasure my signed first edition copy of Daughter of the Forest.

  17. says

    I am beyond excited to read this book! I’ve been waiting for Maeve’s story. I’ve had a question in the back of my head ever since I heard that the last book was going to be about Maeve. I can’t wait to read it and have it answered! Congratulations on reaching an end to the Sevenwaters Series! I can’t wait to read more of your wonderful writing!

  18. LarisaV says

    Sad that this is the last book in the Sevenwaters series but excited to read it and looking forward to more wonderful stories in the future

  19. Ashley says

    I cannot wait to read this book. I have been following the Sevenwaters books since I was in high school. It is going to be interesting to read about Maeve’s story!

  20. says

    So far I have read the first three books in the Sevenwaters series and I love love LOVE it! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Thank you for the interesting interview and fantastic giveaway! :D

  21. Roberta says

    Juliet, I “discovered” your books in the library over a year ago when I was searching for new fantasy fiction to enjoy with my daughter. She grew up with me reading Harry Potter to her, and now we watch Warehouse 13 and Once Upon a Time on TV together. I want to share the Sevenwaters series with my big sister as well. Looking forward to this next installment and thanks again for your books!

    I blog with the ladies at Crone Henge:

  22. says

    This one sounds like it presented some unique challenges and opportunities that ended up being rewarding. It must be bittersweet to think of this as the end of Sevenwaters. I know what it’s like to live in a certain world for a long time, and I can only image what you are experiencing.

    Congratulations, Juliet! I’m looking forward to going to Sevenwaters. Thanks to Therese for a wonderful interview!

  23. Kelsi says

    I’m so thrilled for this book. I first read the original Sevenwaters trilogy when I was 18, and they struck me deeply, but the really beautiful thing is as I age and read the books at different times in my life, they have new things to offer me. I can’t wait to add this one to the library in my heart <3

  24. Bob Greene says

    I am not familiar with the series, looking forward to entering the world of Sevenwaters. Thanks for the great information.

  25. says

    I cannot wait for this book to come out in Australia. I have read all the other Sevenwaters books as well as Ms. Marillier’s others – each one has been a treasure and an important part of my personal library. I am looking forward to meeting Maeve and as a devoted animal person myself I am very excited about it. I am guessing I am going to have a new favourite!

  26. Beth says

    I’m so eager to read Maeve’s story. I always felt there would be more to her when she went away.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win Flame of Sevenwaters!


  27. Julienne says

    Very excited to read the latest (and perhaps last!) book in the Sevenwaters series. Sevenwaters is definitely one of my favorite books series and I can only imagine it’ll be quite emotional to finish it! Maeve seems like a very complex character to write and read about. I can’t wait to undertake her journey with her. Thanks in advance for the read!

  28. Jenna says

    I’ve not read a book by Juliet Marillier that I haven’t fell in love with and I expect nothing different from Flame of Sevenwaters. It makes me a little sad to think that this might be the last Sevenwaters novel (I sincerely hope not) but I am excited beyond belief to discover what else Juliet Marillier has in store for the world of fantasy writing.

    • says

      Yes, Diana, Maeve narrates the story in first person. There’s a sequence of short scenes in third person which are a complete contrast but those make up a very small amount of the book.

  29. Mary says

    I am so excited for this possibly last nstallment in the sevenwatera series! I have loved and retread all the books that have come before it so many times they feel like family! I can’t wait to hear Maeve’s story! Thank you!

  30. says

    I can’t wait to read latest book. I read the first book in this series out loud to my mother when she was in the hospital. Now she has been well enough to read them on her own over time. She is also excited to read this book!

  31. says

    I have this book already pre-ordered I can not wait to receive it next week. I was slightly shocked to see this is the last of the Sevenwaters series but I can not wait to see how it ends. I am also looking forward to a new adult series from Juliet (or maybe a fourth book in the Bridei chronicles) I am sure whatever she puts out will be beautifully written and enchanting. I can not wait to see what the future holds! Thank you Juliet for sharing your talents with the world!

  32. Bethany says

    Very excited for the new Sevenwaters book. All Marillier’s books are so beautiful I always look forward to her novels.

  33. Bernadette Phipps-Lincke says

    Really cool interview. And the Waterhouse cover is the icing on the cake. I am so totally taking the journey to Sevenwaters!

  34. says

    Your books opened me up to a whole new genre! I cannot tell you how excited I am to read it! With my daughter due by the end of the month and this book coming out there just seems to be sooo many good things happening! I can’t wait until she’s old enough so I can share them with her!

  35. jean maxwell says

    Intriguing title and the series sounds fascinating. I plan to start reading it. Thank you for your interview to spread word of your word to Middle America

  36. Laney says

    my favorite book series comes to a close! i’m so excited. two days seems so long to wait to get my hands on this book!!

  37. says

    I’ve been reading this series out of order; as you know, I recently read Daughter of the Forest, and was dazzled. Now you’re tempting me to change the order of books in my queue once again.

  38. Rowie says

    I’m overjoyed that I had forgotten Juliet would be publishing two books this year! And since finding out that Flame is almost there, I can’t wait to read it!
    Juliet always manages to touch me with her overflowing enthusiasm for her characters and the world they live in, and that shows in her books. The stories have everything I could ask for in a book.
    I’m very curious about Maeve’s story and very exited to meet with the other characters once more.
    Please keep up the wonderful work! Even if there won’t be any more Sevenwaters books, I’d be more then happy to step into other worlds of Juliet’s making, since she is so very very skilled at it! :D

  39. Andrea Gibb says

    I can’t wait to read this book. Juliet is by far my favorite author, her characters are so compelling, so real, and Maeve has always been someone I was more interested know about.

  40. says

    I absolutely love Juliet Marillier’s book I own them all and especially love the Sevenwater books. I cannot wait for this one I have been wondering what happened to Mauve after all her sisters and brother grew up and went off on their own adventures. It must have been painful to see them get married and be happy not knowing if she would ever find that kind of happiness. I am glad she gets her own story.

  41. says

    Wonderful to read this interview! Flame of Sevenwaters is definitely on my reading list! My own WIP shares some of the themes, which is good that I can have a brilliant mentor like Julliet in whose writerly footsteps I may follow, but bad in the sense that it makes things more difficult with respect to piquing the interest of agents and publishers.
    The writing life is always a fascinating journey.
    Thanks again :)

  42. says

    Oh, a new author and new series to read – and this sounds awesome; exactly the kind of book I love! I agree that the cover is beautiful, and love the storyline, especially since I am a writer with a disability. ~ Julie :)

  43. Ray Pace says

    Quite an achievement. I bet it feels great having accomplished this wonderful work. All the best to you.

  44. Danielle says

    I am so excited for this sixth book to come out! I started reading the books at my high school graduation as a gift from someone who thought I would like it. From the very first page, the characters, settings, and world sucked me in and held me tight! They were the first books that made me cry from joy, and I reread them about once a year with the same wonderful feelings. Maeve was a great secondary character before and after her burning, so I cannot wait to see her fortitude, personality and strength now, after ten years away healing with some of my favorite characters (Liadan and Bran)!! I will be buying the book tomorrow, but would love a signed copy from my favorite author =) Juliet, you are the best!!

  45. Maizy says

    I have read all your books… I even read some of them twice because I can’t get enough. I have also read all your books for younger readers which I still love and adore! I am am vey excited and sad for the last of Sevenwaters to come out! you are seriously my favorite author thank you, Juliet .

  46. Diana says

    So excited for Flame!! Especially for Ciaran’s expanded role. :) Sad to see my favorite series end, but looking forward to the next two Shadowfell books and other future series!

  47. Adrienne says

    I’ve caught up on rereading the Sevenwaters series – so I’m definitely ready to begin the last book. In some ways, I’m dreading to start it since I always hate to finish a series I love so much. Daughter of the Forest was the first book I ever picked up by J. Marillier. I remember the first time I read it, I cried, I smiled and loved every moment that I had with Sorcha and her brothers. I loved that the Sevenwaters series was a continuation of Sorcha’s family and these family members overcome great difficulties with courage and passion. From the sounds of it, Maeve will no doubtfully match if not exceed her other family in her own journey.

  48. Lilith says

    I’m so sad that this might be the last time I get to spend my special time with my Sevenwaters family. I will miss them greatly and look forward to re-reading and re-re-reading them all over again.

  49. Stephanie Richards says

    Wow I am so excite for the Flame.. I own all of her novels in English versions and have read them multiple times. Each time finding more wisdom than the last, the stories truely speak to the readers for there is learning in everything. Each novel makes me hope and aspire to be as strong and courageous as her characters, to not fear the unknown but to face it with courage, determination and ability to be open to all the true colors of humanity. … I have read over a hundred books but none have ever captured my love, respect and attention as these. All her novels not just Sevenwater series(my fav) have wonderful storie lines and deep foreshadowing that amazes me more every time. So needless to say I have been very anxious for the Flame of Sevenwaters to come out. Thank you Juliet your books changed my life, or at least my outlook on life. They made me realize that with out the terrible things that I have endured I could never be the woman I am. Thank you.

  50. Vikki says

    Juliet is a magnificent author whose novels continue to enthral and delight me. Each time I open a new novel it’s like coming home to my family. Thanks for enriching my life with your fantastic stories Juliet!

  51. Alexis says

    Very excited to read this book! Been curious to see this character’s story for awhile and glad to see some conclusion to the Sevenwaters series. I look forward to any and all series Ms. Marillier writes, so I hope her publishers can support whatever she chooses next!

  52. Lisa says

    Haven’t read any of these books but the interview makes me want to pick up the series. Sounds interesting – I have a special fondness for the fey right now as my WIP also features them!

  53. Jamie says

    I’ve been reading Sevenwaters for years now and I’m SO excited for the conclusion. I was ecstatic to find out Maeve was the heroine for this book – it’s really nice to see characters with disabilities getting the spotlight.

    I’m also glad to hear that both Finbar and Ciaran will be getting pivotal roles as well! This is like icing on the cake. Can’t wait to read the conclusion to the Mac Dara trilogy and see how it all sums up!

  54. says

    I read the excerpt on the Flame of Sevenwaters website and am once again in awe of your gift, Juliet. You have a remarkable ability to bring your characters to life with so few words! At the first sentence, I felt that I knew and understand exactly where Maeve was coming from. I’m glad she is telling her story, her accident is the one thing I’ve struggled to forgive Fainne for (see what I mean? Your characters are people to me!).

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories; I’ve read them all, and while I’m sad that this may be the last Sevenwaters book, I take comfort in knowing that I still have Raven Flight to look forward to, and I’ll always hope for a third Wildwood book as well.

    All the best,

  55. Alice Catriona says

    Looking forwards to reading Flame when I have time. I love your writing, Juliet. It’s poetic, thoughtful and the stories are always powerful.

  56. Hannah Tuton says

    I have been reading Juliet’s books for five years now, and each one has captured my heart and imagination. I will never forget reading Daughter of the Forest and how moved I was, not wanting to even speak in sympathy for the protagonist. I read Heart’s Blood when I was really sick with a virus and couldn’t eat, so all I did was read (when I wasn’t being ill that is).
    Looking forward to the new book!

  57. Jayde says

    Just picked up the Daughter of the Forest again and loved it so much! Can’t wait for another (though sadly perhaps the last) Sevenwaters book.

  58. Leslie R. says

    I’m so looking forward to getting to know Maeve in her own story! I find I have mixed feelings about the series ending – excited to see how it all turns out, but sad to say goodbye to these characters. But I’m also looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  59. says

    Juliet’s extraordinary storytelling captivated me as a youth and set me on the career I’m slowly clawing out as an author. I’ve been enchanted by her work since we first met Sorcha and the Sevenwaters community that so seamlessly blended Celtic and faerie tales into one narrative myth. I’ve never ceased to enjoy her work, whether she was roaming across Scotland in the Fortriu series. They’re so well executed, researched, and at their heart fascinating stories. I think I wanted my own Fionn for the longest time.

    This really was an enchanting interview. Thank you for the Q&A. I’m absolutely looking forward to Flame of Sevenwaters!

  60. says

    I first read Daughter of the Forest during summer vacation before starting my freshman year of college, I think it was. Looking forward to reading Maeve’s story.

  61. Sue Stanford says

    I’ve had this date in my diary ever since it was announced. I’ve read all the Sevenwaters series multiple times and have yet to find another series which I prefer.

    Thanks for the interview it’s made me even more eager for the book.

  62. Tia says

    I can not wait to read it! Juliet and her Sevenwaters Triology was the series that sparked my passion for reading and now I can not stop. I have re-read this series many times and have enjoyed it as if it was the first time I read them. CAN NOT WAIT!

  63. Ro says

    I can’t wait to read the next and perhaps last Sevenwaters book! They are all so amazing!
    In fact, all of Juliets books are amazing. After The Dark Mirror mysteriously caught my eye in the library I couldn’t stop reading anymore. Juliet’s stories somehow transcend all the wonderful things that are in it and are able to touch me in a very deep and emotional way. They are simply the best books I’ve ever read!
    I hope she will keep her joy of storytelling for a long time to come!

  64. says

    I have been reading Juliet’s books since I was 13 years old. When I read the Sevenwaters trilogy for the first time I was sucked into the story and not let go until I read the final page of the third book. I have since then read them multiple times as well as the new additions to the series and Juliet’s other books as well. Juliet’s writing made me love reading even more and is the reason that I long to be an author.

    I am very excited to read Maeve’s story and to find out the conclusion to the Sevenwaters series!

  65. Roz says

    Juliet has written the most imaginative creative books I have read since I was young. I never thought I would find books in my adult reading life that made me feel just like I did when I read The Narnia series, by CS Lewis, they are enchanting, exciting, beautiful, thoughtful, dare I carry on! I wait with excitement for Flame to arrive in the post as I have just finished Shadowfell. Thank you Juliet and keep up the good work.

  66. Amy Schriever says

    The Sevenwaters series is a beloved series in my home. I have re-read it many times and recommended it to many. I would love to win a copy. I have such respect for Juliet Marillier and her writing skills.

  67. Dana says

    Just noticed another Sevenwaters book would be published today, which totally surprised me (2 books in a year – wow!) and now just bought it via Kindle and can’t wait to get started. Whenever I go into the world of your books, however badly I am feeling, however everything goes wrong, it is just like meeting old friends and family, coming to terms and I am soothed by your stories.
    Please keep on writing, you are such a gifted storyteller!

    • says

      Thank you, Dana. I didn’t write two books in a year … The schedules of the three publishers I work with resulted in no new book coming out in 2011, and two in 2012. Next year it’s my short fiction collection, Prickle Moon, and the next Shadowfell novel, Raven Flight. But what I’ll actually be working on is Shadowfell 3 plus a new adult book. :)

  68. says

    Haven’t read this series yet (Only started reading Juliet’s books a month ago) but definetly excited to start reading them. :) I love Shadowfell and can’t wait for Raven Flight. Also Wildwwod dancing and Cybele’s gift was amzing wish there were more books :) Juliet is totally my favourite author and has inspired me to start writing short stories :) :) :)

  69. Rute says

    Juliet Marillier is one of my favorite authors, not just because all her books are well written, beautifully imagined and inhabited by amazing characters, but because they have something else, something that we, or at least I, don’t find easily on other books, it’s a magic little something that automatically makes me feel better when I pick one up, like a unguent that smooth my body and take my troubles away every time I read a page.
    I used to have a “break-in-case-of-emergency-Juliet-Marillier-book”, “Cybele’s Secret”, although I’ve read all her other books, I kept this one to read at a difficult time because I knew it would surely make me feel better, but I had to “break it” a couple of months ago, of course I only did it because I knew two brand new ones where coming this away!
    I would also like to say that I’m really looking forward to read “Flame of Sevenwaters” for this is my favorite series from the author (“Son of the Shadows” being one of my favorite books ever), but I want to say that I’m also very interested in the other projects Juliet want to work on, and I want to emphasize that I loved “Hearts Blood” and “Wildhood Dancing” also.
    Thank you Juliet, not only for putting wonderful books on this world, but also because they really make my life a lot easier and happier.

  70. Sarah R. says

    I am looking forward to reading the final installment! I’ll always hope there’s more to the series, but as long as Juliet is writing something, I’ll be happy. :)

  71. Stephanie Watkins says

    I have loved all of the books in the seven water series and each one has been better than the last. Can’t wait to read this one. Any plans to come to the UK?

    • says

      Stephanie, I will be attending the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton (Oct/Nov 2013) but because I now don’t have a UK publisher, I doubt if I’ll be doing any book-related activities anywhere else in the UK during that trip. Of course, things can change and if they do I’ll post info on my website and Facebook Fan Page.

  72. Emma S. says

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    I cant wait for this one!!

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    Having thought I lost all patience for stories, yet I did not take my eyes off the page from the moment I began reading to the very early AM hours until Sorcha’s story wrapped up very nicely.
    Your books gave me so much faith in imagination and perseverance and they’re just so lovely to experience.

    Thank you so much.

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    Perhaps you’ve said this in more detail in a different interview but do you feel that you are creating the characters or that you are simply revealing something that already exists but only you can see?

    • says

      A bit of both, Nicole. I put it down to the ancestral storytelling gene – my forebears whispering in my ears, stories that are perhaps true and perhaps pure imagination!

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    Ms. Marillier is an awesome storyteller.

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    This book transported me in such a way I felt like I was actually experiencing the handicap that Mauve lived with! I felt like I don’t appreciate the use of my hands or at least didn’t realize how I take my nimble fingers for granted. Bravo on such a masterpiece of a book!

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    Good luck to all of us readers who want to win the book! :)

    Best wishes