Help Us Pick a Name for WU’s Newsletter; Newsletter-Namer to Share Pixels with a NYT-Bestseller (so Please Vote)

You came, you proposed newsletter names, and we conferred. Now that we’ve whittled the list down to three choices, we need your votes to select the best of the best.

Before you swing into action, here are a few announcements and reminders of what’s at stake.

The winning community member will receive:

A Writer Unboxed t-shirt, as modeled by one of the finest minds in these parts. (That’s Vaughn Roycroft, newsletter contributor and leader of the intrepid Mod Squad on WU’s Facebook page.)

Bragging rights, for their title will be in the subject line of all future newsletters.

Acknowledgement in November’s newsletter, which promises to be a special one. In addition to the usual WU gang, we have:

Want to be have input into the newsletter? There are three ways you can contribute:

  1. Have a specific question on editing? Victoria Mixon wants to help.  E-mail her at or tweet her @VictoriaMixon using the hashtag #WU.
  2. For the purposes of fostering community, WU’s Facebook page is a promo-free zone with one monthly exception, occurring on or about the third week of each month. That’s when the above-mentioned Vaughn Roycroft actively solicits writing-related links from community members, which he then weaves into his upcoming newsletter column. It’s that time now, Unboxeders. If you have a link to advance, head to the Facebook page and look for his thread.
  3. Finally, please vote on the title. We’d love your input.
ETA: Comments are absolutely welcome, but please do go through the poll. That’s our official means of measuring your opinion.

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About Jan O'Hara

Jan O'Hara left her writing dreams behind for years to practice family medicine, but has found her way back to the world of fiction. Currently the voice of the Unpublished Writer here at Writer Unboxed, she hopes one day soon to become unqualified for the position.


  1. says

    Huzzah! Great news about JC’s guest slot. I’m such a huge fan! (Special thanks to my newsletter boss Jan for keeping it a secret…. FOREVER!) Really looking forward to Liz’s and Amy’s contributions as well. Good luck to the finalists!

  2. says

    Hey, folks, sorry if I was unclear. You’re welcome to leave a comment here too, but please vote through the poll. That’s the official measurer.

  3. Evelyn says

    I so agree with Mar as “Boxcutter” evokes getting rid of boxes for me. I find Writer Inboxed gives me claustrophobia!