7 Sizzling Sundays of Summer Flash Fiction CONTEST, Week 7

PhotobucketSeven Sundays of scorching flash fiction have gone by in, well, a flash! Today is the last Sunday in WU’s Seven Sizzling Sundays of Summer Flash Fiction contest. This week’s prompt inspired so many wonderful stories, we had another tough time selecting winners. Thank you to all who participated.

Our honorable mentions this week are:

William Lailey (“Sanjay stared down the barrel of his MG 5A 7.62 mm light machine gun, bored.”)
Jean Kisacky (“They say a fire can burn faster through a canopy.”)
Rosalind Smith-Nazilli (“They keep telling my family that I am intellectually challenged.”)
Colleen Wood (“She’s back again.”)
Trudy (“My dress offers scant protection from the midday sun.”)
ML Swift (“Season of Life.”)
John Buss (“In the Fishbowl.”)

And this week’s winners, in no particular order are:

Michael Molony (“The Girl and the Wolf.”)
Tonia Harris (“Autumn Dance.”)
Larissa Thomson (“Her first trip is kalidescopic  kaleidoscopic.” thanks for pointing out my typo, Dana! Kath)

Congratulations to Tonia, Michael, and Larissa! Your stories have made our finalists’ round, and will be part of the big WU vote.

Huge thanks to the talented Debbie Ohi for providing us weeks of inspiration!

And now we turn it over to you to vote for your favorites. We were blown away by the truly stunning wordsmithing. We enjoyed reading ALL the stories, and we hope you did too. Let us know in the comments if this type of contest scratches your particular writing itch and why — you never know when we might try this again. :-)



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  1. John Buss says

    Thank you for the “7 Sundays” contest! It was so amazing to see such creative minds starting from the common departure point of the Ohi art and photo, then developing a unique story within 250-words. I hope to see another such challenge in the very near future!

    Personally, I don’t feel the prizes were necessary for a true writer’s motivation. The challenge to create the story, with it’s own “unboxed” unique spin, and transfer the tale from picture to pen is rewarding enough. So many individual stories, so many different styles of writing was incredible to read.

    After the week has closed, one suggestion in future challenges would be to have a constructive composite critique by the Writer Unboxed selection committee of each story. This would create a learning tool for the participants from yet another valued perspective. Writers helping writers can only improve our profession.

    My sole regret is that I found this site too late to participate in all of the contests. One late entry for week 5 and two essays for week 6 and then the challenge was gone in a “flash.” The continuation of these challenges will attract an increasing number of participants in the future!

    Thank you, Writer Unboxed!


    • says

      I agree with you, prizes are not really necessary. But hey, a gift is always cool isn’t it ? ;-)

      PS : captcha is not working very well I guess (I’m using Chrome for Windows)