PhotobucketCan you believe we only have one more scorching Sunday left in our Sizzling Sundays of Summer flash fiction contest? (Rules and fabulous prizes HERE). We are so blown away by the fantastic entries that choosing three finalists every week to compete for the ultimate prizes has become nearly impossible (that’s why sometimes we have four winners, because we are truly torn!). Thanks to all who submitted stories based on last week’s prompt.

Our honorable mentions this week are:

Lara Schiffbauer (“Steven hustled through the storm, head down.”)
CB Soulsby (“To them, I am unknown.”)
Ty (“She watched the big man walk towards her.”)
Andrea Ellickson (“With a name like Cari Magic Casey, she thought that magic would have come easier to her than the rest.”)
Larissa Thomson (“He’s close enough to her now that he can actually smell her.”)

And this week’s winners, in no particular order are:

Julia Jay (“She stood there once a week, right by the railings which contained the park.”)
CB Soulsby (“The black cloak.”)
Michael Molony (“Date Night.”)
Taylor Ross (“Wool reached out, like fingernails scritch-scratching, irritating the back of her neck.”)

Congratulations to Julia, Michael, CB and Taylor! Your stories have made our finalists’ round, and will be part of the big WU vote on August 12th.

Can winners enter again? Yes, we hope all of you enter again! And we hope you are having as much fun writing them as we are reading them.

And now without further ado, our final visual prompt is again provided by the talented Debbie Ohi

Remember the full rules can be found HERE, but if you’re in the mood to flash and run, cliff-notes rules are below:

  • The story must be inspired by that week’s visual prompt.
  • Each submission must be 250 words or less. 
  • Each story must contain a beginning, middle, and end.
  • All submitted work must be original–not published anywhere else, and written by you, for this contest.
  • Post submissions in the comment section of the prompt post. Each week, the deadline will be 72 hours after the prompt is posted on Sunday morning, meaning Wednesday August 8 at 7 a.m. EST.
  • No more than two entries per person, per week will be eligible for that week.
  • The top three or four stories from each week will be selected by a mix of votes in the form of Likes in the comment section and our own discretion.

Good luck!



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