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    Lol so. freaking. true!! And that’s precisely why I’ve started KILLING THE INTERNET for specified time periods. And then like magic, I suddenly pound out hundreds (sometimes thousands) of words.

    Freedom for Mac — I HIGHLY recommend it.
    Kristan Hoffman´s last blog post ..What I’ve been up to

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    Yup. Just like that. Except you missed “check blogroll to see if any of the blogs she’s following have new posts.” Which is how I got here ….

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    So true!! Ugh.

    @KristanHoffman I’m going to try killing the internet. Somewhat like a refrigerator/pantry purge when one is on a diet.

    *musing* What if I hooked up a timer to my internet connection? Like on light-up Christmas reindeer? Seriously, I think I’m turning over a new leaf. Great comic!
    Lora Rivera´s last blog post ..lroseriver- @blanc52 And its done!

  4. VicK says

    That is my life.

    I’m going to print it off and stick it to my computer to remind me not to do that one last check…

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    Oh, so true! lol That is why I must make sure I get a specific word count down before I get sucked into that vortex known as Twitter! And though fans have started the Imago Fantasy series FB fan page where I’ll be posting movie updates as it marches toward production, I deliberately avoid having a personal FB account I use otherwise, I know even less writing will get done!
    Thanks for sharing in your wisdom, Deb!

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    This is why I do all my web activity on my desktop computer and my writing on my laptop. My laptop is connected to the Internet so I can do research if I need to, but other than that I pretend it’s offline.

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    Heh. Thanks, all. The comic isn’t at ALL based on my life, of course (ahem). :-)

    Seriously, though, I’ve been feeling this way more and more lately. So much so that I’m going to change around my work day so that I minimize my online time in the mornings. I’ll be posting more about this in today.
    Debbie Ohi´s last blog post ..In NYC right now

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    OMG! This is so me! Thanks for the swift kick in the rear. I will start writing immediately…well as soon as I read your other blog post.

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    And what did I do, once I saw this… I tweeted it. And posted it on a couple of Facebook and LinkedIn message boards.
    And how did I find this? From a different article on this blog that another writer friend had posted on Facebook. And what was my intention when I got home from work today (instead of Facebooking and tweeting?): to write… and fold laundry.

    I’ve written Facebook comments and tweets and folded half of my laundry. I guess that’s productive. : )

  10. Phil Mills says

    I think you could change “writing” in your first image to “[name of your obligation here]”. :)