I’m sure y’all have noticed a few changes on our portal.  We are in the process of upgrading our WordPress interface, long overdue.   There was a nasty worm going around the old WordPress blogs which we luckily never had to deal with, but the thought of losing our huge archive of posts and interviews made us sick. We apologize for the downtime this weekend, but the upgrade happened more quickly than we thought possible (yay!). 

Right now we are continuing with our old look while we get the new one implemented.  But you’ll notice a few cool new gadgets we’ve uploaded, thanks to now easy-installation plugins.  The main one is our new Tweet button, which will allow you to reTweet any post to your Twitter page with one click.  Our new interface will also take advantage of keyword tags for greater searchability.  We’ve added CommentLuv! a plugin that shows a link to the last post from the your blog by parsing the feed at your given URL when you leave a comment.  People can now find your blog or website via the comment you leave at Writer Unboxed.  Therese and I have also been drooling over fun things like the easy adding of MP3 clips, vids, and polls.  If any of you are familiar with WordPress plugins and have suggestions of what we should add, please let us know in the comments.

In more good news, please welcome historical novelist Anna Elliott to our roster of fabulous contributors.  Anna’s Avalon series reinterprets the myth of Trystan and Isolde as historical fiction.  She’s followed her debut, Twilight of Avalon, with Dark Moon of Avalon, to be released in May 2010, and she’s hard at work at her third novel in the series.  Her novels are gripping and fast-paced, with historical details seamlessly woven into the narrative.   Anna is also juggling motherhood (she just welcomed her second daughter in August!) with a successful writing career.  We look forward to thoughts on historical fiction, the crazy business of publishing and motherhood, plus her advice on novel-writing.

Stay tuned for more! 

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About Kathleen Bolton

Kathleen Bolton is co-founder of Writer Unboxed. She writes under a variety of pseudonyms, including Ani Bolton. She has written two novels as Cassidy Calloway: Confessions of a First Daughter, and Secrets of a First Daughter--both books in a YA series about the misadventures of the U.S. President's teen-aged daughter, published by HarperCollins, and Tamara Blake, for the novel Slumber.


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    Your new look, although you say it’s incomplete, looks nice. A word of caution, though. The links to contributors at the top of the page are apparently a bit stubborn and don’t seem to want to cooperate. Gremlins, no doubt.
    But good luck on the remodel, and “long may you wave” as a great site for writers.