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Photobucket* We’re thrilled to announce that Writer Unboxed made the Editor Unleashed 25 Best Writing Blogs list, along with contributor Ray Rhamey’s personal site, Flogging the Quill. The entire list is great; definitely worth exploring.

* We have a new contributor starting with Writer Unboxed this month: J.C. Hutchins is an award-winning novelist best known for his 7th Son technothriller trilogy, which he released as free serialized audiobooks from 2006-07. With approximately 100,000 downloads of his episodic fiction still occurring each month, 7th Son is the most popular “podcast novel” series in history. Read the rest of his bio HERE, or visit him at his personal website HERE. Tell you what: J.C. is going to inject WU with a great new vibe, and I cannot wait to read his posts. He’s absolutely on the cutting edge, incredibly knowledgeable, and knows how to relay information to help other writers. Be sure to tune in for his first official post with us on 9/24 and watch for his in-depth interview here at WU, coming soon.

* I promised you the low-down on reviews for The Last Will of Moira Leahy. As my editor recently reminded me, the saying “four out of five dentists agree” exists for a reason. Positive reviews came in from Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist and Romantic Times; Kirkus wasn’t quite so positive, though we did get a nice pull quote from them. Frankly, if you plan to read Last Will, I wouldn’t hunt for the Kirkus review even for curiosity’s sake, as they also included spoilers (don’t get me started, as it’s a whole ‘nother blog post); but you can read the reviews and pull quotes HERE.

* While you’re checking out those reviews, do a girl a favor and check out my personal blog. I have left it mouldering this summer, and you’ll notice I snagged a few things from WU to round out my otherwise pathetic offerings, but I’m going to try try try to be better about keeping it updated and I’d love to see a friendly face or two. Really. I’ve already had more spam comments to delete than actual comments. Crickets do not inspire. Oh, and if you go and visit you’ll be able to see my Barnes & Noble poster; c’mon, you know you want to.

* My book jackets have been printed, and my editor sent me a few this past week. Ooh ahh. Love.

* Speaking of love, I love Writer’s Digest, and this month you’ll see a little love coming back my way too. Open up the October issue of the magazine and you’ll find a mini-view with moi, on Last Will and more. I also wrote a meaty and revealing essay for the 2010 Guide to Literary Agents, where you’ll find “over 550 listings for literary agents, writers’ conferences, and more,” called Leaping Into the Fray: A Writer’s First Year with an Agent and Editor. Is there anything I haven’t already told you here at WU? Yes, there is! The invaluable 362-page tome is now available wherever books are sold (check out pp 73-75).

Would you like to win a copy of the 2010 Guide? Guess what you have to do to qualify? Comment on my personal blog. Diabolical, aren’t I? Head over to and pick a post, any post. Comment with something relatively pertinent to the post, and you’re automatically in the running. The contest will span a full 24 hours, and then I’ll choose someone randomly as the winner. (U.S. Residents only, please.)

Good luck, and write on all!


About Therese Walsh

Therese Walsh co-founded Writer Unboxed in 2006. Her second novel, The Moon Sisters, was named a Best Book of 2014 by Library Journal and BookRiot. Her debut, The Last Will of Moira Leahy, sold to Random House in a two-book deal in 2008, was named one of January Magazine’s Best Books, and was a Target Breakout Book. She's never been published with a lit magazine, but LOST's Carlton Cuse liked her Twitter haiku best and that made her pretty happy.