Holiday movie season – yay!

Right now I’m in a bit of a movie glom. Books are my first love, always, but for some reason I’m slavering over watching a few good movies. This holiday season has got some toothsome choices to pick over.

Tops on my must-see list is Baz Luhrmann’s Australia. I’m a sucker for WWII movies. Throw in a corny love story, bombs, desperate choices, horses, and I’m there. I’m really in the mood to see an old-fashioned epic.

The trailer’s not out yet, but the film version of Audrey Niffenneger’s masterful novel, Time Traveler’s Wife, has a tentative November release (Therese’s interview with Audrey is HERE). Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams are in the title roles, and if you’ve read the novel, it seems like a good pairing.

Now that my daughter and her posse have satisfied their High School Musical 3 itch, they are salivating at the first installment of the Twilight movies. Me, I haven’t gotten into them yet, but I might give the movie a whirl.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button also has me intrigued. I’ll see anything that has Cate Blanchett in it.

Looking over my must-see list, I’m aware that I’m in the mood for a good popcorn flick. It’s odd, but if I go to the theaters, I want something bigger, louder, epic. I love indie movies and quiet stories, but I prefer to watch those on DVD at home. Dunno why. Maybe it’s because I can have my tears jerked in private.

In my hunt for trailers I found Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The release date has been shoved back until next summer (boo) but here are two trailers that have reignited a flame that died a little after the final book came out. Dang, Alan Rickman just keeps looking better and better.

What’s on your shortlist this holiday?

Popcorn squirrel by runnerboy49.


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    TOTALLY want to see the TTW movie. I’ll see anything with Rachel McAdams in it.

    Ditto Bond. I guess Twilight? Like with HP, I’m resistant to trends, but I’m sure I’ll come around to this eventually.

    Speaking of HP, thanks for the awesome trailers!! Guh, now I want to reread the whole series again…

    Finally: HSM3!!

    So, um, I guess I’m just seconding all your movies already. I just don’t keep up with what’s coming out next very well. I’m more of a catch-up-with-Netflix kinda girl.

  2. says

    Lately, I’ve chosen to wait for NetFlix for some films too. If a flick seems like it’s going to be visually brilliant, though, I’ll see it on the big screen. Think Lord of the Rings!

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    I’m a Netflix junkie too. I’m able to get all the British BBC stuff and films that might have landed at the independent cinema but was gone in an eyeblink.

    But Big Screen=Australia. Must see it blown up. I’ll check again on TTW news…I thought the release date had been decided, but you never know.

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    I didn’t realize Benjamin Button was derived from literature. This was on today:

    – “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”
    Brad Pitt stars in the film version of an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story about a man who ages backwards. I’m not a huge fan of either Pitt or director David Fincher — the latter is undoubtedly talented and equally undoubtedly dark — but this looks like it could be a cut above the standard sentimental way Hollywood handles fabulist material. (And the special effects are supposed to terrific, which means they DON’T call attention to themselves.) It opens Christmas Day.

    Sounds interesting. Rumor has it that it’s this movie that may push TTW into a 2009 release, because the flicks are similarly sci-fi-ish.