Anniversary: Gone with the Wind

A little inspiration from The Writer’s Almanac: It was on this day in 1936 that the novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell was first published. When she handed the manuscript over to editors, it was in terrible shape, with more than 1,000 pages of faded and dog-eared paper, poorly typed and with penciled […]

Movie Analysis: Lars and the Real Girl

I don’t know what the deal is with my Netflix queue, the cycle is messed up or maybe we forgot to return a DVD and we don’t even know it yet. Thus I headed into the weekend without a movie. So I schleped down to Hollywood Video, intending to rent Juno. People raved about it. […]

Interview: Julie Buxbaum

Today, WU contributor Allison Winn Scotch steps in for a Q&A with fellow author Julie Buxbaum. It’s not every day that an aspiring writer quits her cushy lawyer job in the hopes of being published. It’s also not every day that she then writes a debut novel that, according to Publisher’s Marketplace, sells (in conjunction […]

Update: Victoria Holmes on the Today’s Show

Former WU contributor Victoria Holmes has again scored another bestseller! As the brainchild behind YA mega-phenom series WARRIORS (under the pen name Erin Hunter), she’s developed a new series for this readership. Reviews have been raves. SEEKERS: THE QUEST BEGINS is a new spin on the Warriors animal survival stories. This time, three bear cubs […]

Velvety Shadows: Dealing with Fear

I’m teaching quite a bit this summer, and one of the things that writers always talk about is their fears. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of self-revelation. Fear of your sister realizing that awful character is her. Free-floating fears, too, that morph into whatever shape currently needed to keep the writer from taking […]