Linktopia:World on Fire Edition

Surfing the best of the writers’ blogs so you don’t have to. 

Forget nuclear fallout in North Vietnam.  The bomb dropped last night when Jeffrey won this season’s Project Runway.  The judges went gaga over his zippered confection which I thought looked like the awning of a Pizza Hut, but what do I know.  I’m a Laura fan, which means I like potty-mouthed elegance.

NaNoWriMo discussions continue apace.  Over at Risky Regencies, Elena Greene is ready to take the plunge (with encouragement from WU) as is Nienke  and Melly . . . . Naomi Novik’s dragon-laced Napoleonic novels will be brought to the big screen by Peter Jackson! (h/t Jason Pinter) . . . . over at Slushpile, venom is directed at ‘exclusives’ and the eternity it takes for some pubs to get around to rejection . . . .  Sarah over at Confessions has the latest deals in crime fiction.  Will Superhero sleuths be a new trend? . . . . Evil Editor is being eee-vil again, but this query needed help . . . . the October horoscopes for writers are out, and more retrograding of planets is in the forecast . . . . Alphabet Girls have a really nice post about writing stories no one seems to want right now . . . . read about when blockbusters fizzle despite insane promotional budgets, courtesy of GalleyCat (h/t Booksquare).

Write on, friends.


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    Virgo: Now that you have the energy to make changes, something comes along and trips up your well thought out plan.



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    Aries: The eclipses catch you without much defense. Insulate yourself from surprises by doing all you have been ignoring “lo these many months.” Take health advice from those who know. Your productivity depends on it.

    This is true for me all the time. No news!

    Re Jeffrey’s win, I wasn’t terribly surprised. His designs are very innovative even though I’d much rather wear Laura’s or Uli’s. Maybe it’s like books. There are some you appreciate on an intellectual level but they may not be the ones you take to the beach.